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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 120 :: what you see if what you get

3 May
More flower photos… it’s no surprise. In this year of bliss I’m starting to wonder if I should have been a florist. Just kidding… but alas, I do love and appreciate the beauty popping up every moment I take a walk outside.

Take a look at this photo from tonight… it appears to be a red rose. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it pops. 

And now take a look at this same photo zoomed in:

There’s an entire world living on this rose that I didn’t see when I took the photo.

And it’s a good reminder to me. What we see is what we get. What we think is what we believe. That’s why it’s important to always take a second look or at least zooooom in before making up your mind.

More tomorrow.


2014 BLOG – DAY 96 :: beautiful rose buds

7 Apr

Our first rose of the season is about to pop!

It’s hard to believe this rose bush is the same one from last summer. Where it was weak and slim it is now strong and healthy.

That’s because we trimmed it down and I fed it a healthy dose of coffee grounds over the winter. And voila! Big, healthy, robust, rose bush.

It’s a beautiful thing.

More tomorrow.

{how is your week starting?}

2014 BLOG – DAY 88 :: focus on the beauty

29 Mar

Have you noticed a theme here lately?
Spring? Flowers? Beauty?

I hope so. It’s a fundamental shift in my brain. I am now officially looking for beauty. Not because it’s beautiful, because it’s important.

I will soon be scheduled for surgery (big boobies here I come!). It has been a surprise and a shock but I am choosing to focus on the good, the healthy, and the beautiful in each and every moment along the way.

I met with a wise woman this week and she made an excellent point — whatever we put in writing influences what we believe. And what we believe becomes our reality.

She left me with these words, “Focus on the beauty.”

So, given that piece of excellent wisdom, I will not be writing about my experience with my upcoming mastectomy. I will share what is good, and healthy and beautiful along the way, because I am on the lookout for beauty.

I choose beauty. I choose love and health.

I hope you will join me in that promise because I want to be surrounded with love and joy. I promise to send it back to you too!

Because, only love matters and there is so much beauty to see in each and everyday.

Like this…. an image my doctor sent me this week.

Focus on the beauty.

More tomorrow.

{what beauty did you spot today?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 329 :: a month of inspiration :: miracles and roses

25 Nov

Today, in my month-long nod to inspiration, I share a rose. 

In this week of gratefulness and gratitude I am reminded to count my blessings. Because while some things in life last longer than you can possibly imagine, others drift by with a blink of an eye.

I thought the growing season was over …like so long ago! I thought the last surprise rose in bloom had already passed us by.

It turns out I was wrong. 
We have another pink rose in bloom, amongst the morning frost and the November cold.

And, so today, I celebrate more than a winter rose.
I celebrate miracles.

I am inspired by the every day kind of magical miracles blooming under my nose.  The ones with petals and the ones without.

Some occur in the moments right before the sun rises and my pups rise along with it. Others occur in a happy note, a wink, a laugh, a smile from a stranger, a knowing look, a nod, or a song.

Instead of waiting for a miracle I am reminded to stop, open my eyes, look around and smell the roses that abound.

It is, after all, the only way to recognize a miracle blooming right under your nose.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless!}

{celebrate your miracles}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 182 :: a rose to remember

1 Jul

It’s hot, but our roses are still blooming. 
The rest of our garden is a bit, well . . . scorched.

This heat wave is brutal. 
I thought we had a mercury rising problem at 104 degrees here in Oregon.

Then I checked Facebook and saw reports of 109 degrees in my home state of Idaho.

THEN, I talked to a friend who was experiencing 125 degrees in California.

Just goes to show you can always find someone is hotter water, even more hot than you can imagine.

Sadly, I then read the news reports flashing across my screen, email, Facebook and all social media:  19 Firefighters Died in Arizona.

Brave souls.
As I look at my weepy garden, the leafs turning yellow, now limp and lying on the ground beneath, scorched by the heat despite our best efforts to water every single night . . . I am taken with the rose bush that continues to bloom.

A hero among the wilting.
Just like those firefighters.

More tomorrow.

Lovemore {fearless}
{if you want to donate to fallen firefighters, follow this link}
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