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Day 193: raw and ready

12 Jul

You’re not ready until you’re ready.
This I know is true.

Today, I decided I was ready.  Ready to slump back into the ring for another attempt to remove my reigning title as The Kitchen Klutz previously on the ropes from lack of skill and desire.  Since cooking is my downfall I decided to try my hand at not cooking. That’s right, no flame, no heat, just raw.

The Arena: Raw Food
In One Corner: Chef Jamie “The Kitchen Klutz” Eslinger
In The Other Corner:  Wilted Kale Salad with a Creamy Chipotle Dressing

Round One: Shopping
I so fall in love with recipes and the idea of creating something yummy, until reality sets in and I have to actually go grocery shopping.  Especially when the recipes I fall in love with have NOT communicated with my local grocery store — who doesn’t stock the items necessary to replicate the lovely dish my stomach craves.

For instance:
chipotle peppers
hulled hemp seeds

The best part is describing to stock boys exactly what I’m trying to find.  It’s like speaking a foreign language. Jamie: “Do you have chipotle peppers?”  Stock boy: “All of our peppers are on this wall,” starring blankly at a display of bell peppers.

And if you think that’s hard try the “hulled hemp seed” conversation.  Stock boy: “is that something you eat?”  End of conversation.

Good thing my iPhone works in the produce aisle and I was able to locate a substitute mix of herbs and powders.

Round Two: Let the dirty fighting begin!

This little recipe from Russel James of The Raw Chef fame took three separate steps titled “mix by hand” — yes, you read that correctly, take your bare hands and mix together salty, tomatoed and seeded kale until the salt burns holes in your hands.

Round Three:  We have a mix up!

Just grab a blender, some avocados, spices, lemon juice, and blend together.  (Oh yeah, and leave out the Agave because you are not eating sugar).  Much easier said than spun.  The blender didn’t want to cooperate, sticking and stopping and subtly screaming up at me.

I was almost ready to throw in the towel!
With force of hand it slowly and eventually came together with a little spatula work.

Then came the final blow:
Go back to Round Two and mix the whole mess up with bare hands in a big bowl of kale.  Talk about sticky fingers. (I tried to take a photo but my hands were too messy — believe me, it would have been a great photo.)

The Final Verdict: A Knockout!

Even Justin liked it.
I must admit, I was impressed with my own non-cooking abilities — maybe that’s the clincher — not cooking?

In the end, I totally recommend this tasty salad, (and might do it again) even without the Agave which I dismissed for sugar reasons, but it was sweet enough and totally filling.  Plus, the nutrients in the kale alone are good for my heart and body.

A win-win in both corners if you ask me.

Want to learn more? Check out The Raw Chef here.
Get the recipe here:  Wilted Kale Salad with a Creamy Chipotle Dressing

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