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Day 292: rvwalkabout and your craziest dream

20 Oct

I am in Texas this weekend to see my bestie Sara and her family before they do something crazy…

Sell their 4,200 square foot Texas-sized house, buy an Airstream RV, and travel the country for a year.

Talk about FEARLESS!

You can read all about the reasons why they are doing it and follow along in the adventure as they sell the house, pack up all of their belongings, and hit the road.  Feel free to join their fearless adventure on Sara’s blog: RVwalkabout.com 

This was the last weekend I could come visit before their life spins into a whole new journey and I am so happy I could be here tonight to help launch their brand new dream.

But it has me thinking…
What is your big dream?
What fearless thing do you wish to do? Create? Find? Follow?

The most dangerous risk of all might just be not doing it. 

Day 140: i heart new york

20 May

I. Heart. New York.
And, Facebook.

Sometimes this city gets the best of me, with the constant traffic, honking horns and the hustle that bustles me all around.

And, then, on days like today, it seems as if nothing could be better than being in the Big Apple — with two of my most faves to boot!  

In breaking Facebook news, I learned my bestie Sara will be in NYC tomorrow.

What joy! What fun! What irony.
I just crossed paths with Sara in Paris a few weeks ago. What’s next? New York?  Why, yes. Tomorrow it is.

In even more fabulous Facebook fun, I learned Debi Lilly was also in town.  So tonight, I hopped on a train and met the one and only Debi and fam for dinner.

In fact, here we are in our finest dresses:

Just kidding.
I forgot to take a photo of us at dinner so this one has to do.

But, I must admit, I love it!
It brings me right back to paper dolls with closets full of cut-out clothes and stickers that smelled like watermelons and strawberries — and all the other fun paper products I loved playing with since I was old enough to hold a pair of scissors in my hand.

This photo is really two manequins with paper dresses all dolled up to promote the National Stationary Show — which I also found out is happening because of Facebook (thank you Debi!).

All this makes me wonder….

What did we ever do before Facebook?
I’m sure the answer has something to do with the paper.

No matter.  Even before Facebook was invented (or went public) we always knew how to find our friends — by listening to our hearts.

Day 124: f*ing friday :: friends in france

4 May

F*ing Fridays are back!
And, they will continue to occur on Friday. I mentioned some of my favorite F words back on Day 5 in Year 1, including: Fearless, Fabulous, Fine, Fun, Faith, Freedom, Forgiveness, to name a Few.

Last week I dove into the word Funny Fabulous France

Today’s F*ing Friday is dedicated to the word:
Friends in France.

As in, Sara.

Today, I met up with my bestie Sara, under the Eiffel Tower.

As I approached our designated meeting spot, I was overjoyed to spot Sara walking towards me with arms outstretched, radiating her beautiful smile.

There’s my Sara!

It was just ironic, happenstance, serendipity that we both ended up in Paris during the same month, same week, same day.

Who could imagine that she would be in Paris for a mother/daughter trip of a lifetime, and I would happen to be here as well, with Women on Fire.

No matter how it happened, it was fantastique!
And, it was the best f*ing finale to my time in beautiful Paris.

I came to Paris with my old engagement ring in hand.
I go home tomorrow, wearing a new ring on my finger. 

But, the best part of this ring is that it is a shared one.

Sara has the same one as I do.  And, so does her mother — who bought us all the same piece of jewelry (Thank you Sandy!) so we could remember our trip, and the power of friendship.

This may be my last night in the City of Light, but I am bringing home much more than souvenirs.

I am carrying home a connection to this great city, one I have never had before.  One that has replaced a romantic memory gone bad, forever etched in my heart, with a lifelong love for friendship and support.

It is one of savoir de vivre — learning how to live.
And, one of savoir de amour — learning how to love.

Love in everything – buildings, gardens, metro stops, baguettes, croissants and crepes.

Love for making new memories that will forever be mine.

Love for new friends — that I feel old with I will grow.

And a love for old friends too — who have already seen me grow.

Thank you Doni Belau, Girls’ Guide To Paris, and Debbie Phillips, Women on Fire,  for bringing me back.

And, thank you, Paris, for showing me more joie de vivre.
Au revoir. 

Day 242: what gives you support?

30 Aug

If you’ve followed along the course of this year, you already know that I love the work I do with Women on Fire.

Tonight was no exception.  We aired a live chat broadcast from Women on Fire Studios with Debbie Phillips discussing How to Create Endless Support for Yourself and Avoid Burnout!

Tonight, Debbie asked this question: “who gives you support?”

And I made a long list in my head.

When I was a young girl I thought support for women was basically a brazier, an over the shoulder boulder holder, otherwise known as a bra.

“Support” was never really openly talked about when I was in my formative years; as something to give out, to practice, to fine-tune, and a plan of exactly how to establish it in my own life.

Being a supportive neighbor was a clear lesson taught at home ~ specifically when we borrowed an egg from one neighbor or lent a stick of butter to another.

Being a supportive friend was an important lesson taught in school ~ namely when my third grade teacher took every single girl out of the classroom, left the boys in their desk seats, and lectured us girls in the hallway to be nice to each other, to stop forming cliques, and to only say nice things about each other.

Being a supportive citizen was taught in Girl Scouts ~ especially through community service badges.

Building my own support system was never really a challenge.
It was a given and given to me.

It was modeled in many ways, through my supportive parents, friends, community members — the kind of support that tends to grow up around you when you live in a family, a neighborhood, a school, a community for 18 years.

But, then, somewhere in the process of growing up, moving away, and bouncing up, down and around on the ladder called career, I soon learned that “SUPPORT” does not come standard with a job description.

I found that jobs change, bosses turn over, friends get transferred, neighbors move on to cheaper, brighter, more-windows-with-a-better-view-apartments or a house in the burbs.

Sometimes competition rears its ugly head.  And, sometimes, sadly, people say one thing and do another.

In absence of living in a bubble of support, I had to learn to piece together my own semblance of it through a mentor here, a co-worker there, and a morning phone call with my friend Sara on the drive to work everyday.

With cup of coffee in one hand and steering wheel in the other, my morning commute was turned into a support call.  While driving in and out of cell service zones and dropping calls all along I-90, Sara and I would question everything, review our daily dilemmas and give each other advice.

It was a daily dose of incredible support.
But, even still, I never once thought of making a plan, a real strategy of how to put an entire SYSTEM of support in my life.

And, that’s why I love working with Debbie. 
Everything she shares through Women on Fire builds inspiration, strategies and support for women.

Here are some of Debbie’s key points that she shared tonight, when it comes to giving yourself support in order to avoid burnout:

1. Make a plan for what you need to get through a stressful time. Do you need friends? Family? A therapist?

2. Dedicate yourself to eating healthy and exercising.

3. Set boundaries for yourself. How much are you overextending?

4. Feed your creativity. Creativity is a powerful antidote to burnout.

5. Learn to manage stress. You have more control on stress than you may think.

As Debbie went over this list* tonight, it occurred to me that The Promise 365 has actually helped me build an entire SUPPORT SYSTEM over the course of these 242 days.

I thank you for being a part of it, for being here with me and hope you know I am here for you too.

Here’s to 123 more days to go!


(*This list is just a sampling of what Debbie shared tonight, but it’s a great checklist.  If you want to find out more, please check out Women on Fire’s website at www.womenonfire.org)

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