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GIFT DAY 044 lovemore+fearless valentine’s day

13 Feb

I looked up the best Valentine’s Day movies today and this is what I found from the Washington Times: The List: Best Valentine’s Day movies

They seem so CLASSIC but almost out of time and place.

So I made my own Valentine’s Day Movie List…
(because I’m a GIRL!).
But, FIRST… I want to take you on a walk of our little beach-front neighborhood — and what it looks like today.
We surveyed the damage. Amazing that we still have a porch left once you see what is floating in the marsh… refrigerator anyone?
Justin found our stairs. They were 1/2 mile up the road. Along with someone’s chair.
The wind certainly did some damage too, which was mostly why everyone was without power for so long. Downton Trees?

I’m sure the Open House will be rescheduled for the house that this sign belongs too… hopefully the house is still in shape to sell.

It’s not this one. Which is now condemned, the house is losing a porch and a roof.

The windows didn’t fair so well on this house, along with the porch. The area where this house is located in the neighborhood definitely got hit the hardest. (It’s less than a 1/2 mile from us.)

And, our stair-less beach view. You can see the bolt that sticks out, where the stairs previously attached to the house.

We are lucky this storm wasn’t worse.
In some odd way it’s made the neighbors more friendly, more loving, more willing to pitch in and help.

And that makes me wonder — why can’t we ALWAYS care this much about each other, our neighbors, or our community? Why can’t we always have an abundance of helping hands to go around?


Good thing there is a day devoted to love, right around the corner. Like… tomorrow!

Here are my top Valentine’s Day movies!

  • Sliding Doors
  • Clueless
  • The Notebook

I would love to see yours!

More tomorrow.

{What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day movie? Share on the blog.}

GIFT DAY 043: whew, what a day!

12 Feb

We left the icicles of Westford today to return to our little beach house.

icicles, jamie eslinger, the promise 365, thepromisedaily.com
Who knew the beach could be so exciting in winter?
There have been days of pure gorgeous sunlight bouncing off the waves.There have been amazing sights and sounds, including the swan that frequently visits (I think we should name him!)…To the neighborhood dogs that roam the beach for their daily walk.

The all the HEART ROCKS we’ve been searching for…

There have been snow storms, hurricanes, Nor’easters, and now… a record setting BLIZZARD.

Who knew it would be so fun?
Now that we are back at the house, I am so happy we did NOT stay to watch all the action.I would have been terrified to watch the ocean tear the front stairs off the house.I would have cried myself or wet myself — or both.

As much as I learned last year about being FEARLESS, this is just one activity I didn’t need to participate in — especially since we had a choice.

And, don’t we always? Usually?  Most of the time?Here’s a few before and after shots from the house tonight.
no steps at all  snow doorI’ll share more tomorrow in the daylight.See if you can pick out where the stairs were previously located!More tomorrow.

{Can you see the lack of stairs in this photo?}


GIFT DAY 040: snow day

9 Feb

The storm is now over and we await news on our little seaside town. 

Word online is that everyone is without power in Scituate.
I am constantly monitoring Twitter to get the latest scoop and checking in with televised news.
Hoping everyone is safe and dry.
While we wait, here’s a few pictures from around here:
jamie eslinger snow day 2013Justin made a snow angel.
I braved the cold for a photo.
We woke up to a winterland of sparkly white.
AND… we definitely received an abundance of snow!
The gift of today seems to be that of a storm coming to an end and hope that everyone is safe and warm.
More tomorrow.

{Favorite thing to do on a snow day? Please share in the comments section below…}


GIFT DAY 039: listen to your gut:: and then we fled

8 Feb

I woke up this morning with a stomach ache. 

And I know my body too well to ignore what that means.

My stomach hurts when my intuition kicks in.

It’s my body’s way of telling me to listen to my gut.
And believe me, there have been too many times in my life that I have not listened to my gut.

Each time I ignored the warning signs I ended up in a mess.

After walking the dogs this morning and seeing neighbors board up windows, and not being able to ignore the pain in my stomach, I panicked about staying in the beach house for the impending Winter Storm Nemo.

“Panic” makes it sound much prettier than it was — in reality — I threw a full-on tantrum, packed a bag and demanded to be driven to the train station. Then I cried.

I’m not proud of my behavior, but I am owning it publicly.

Well, actually, let me restate that — I am proud of some of my behavior — the part where I listened to my gut and spoke up {read: threw a hissy fit} for it.

So maybe I changed my mind.

And, sure, this storm could pass without a worry. It probably won’t be the storm of the century …but maybe it will be.

And I don’t want to be sitting on the edge of the ocean watching it unfold.

Neither does my stomach.

As we left the house our neighbor walked out and said, “So you’re bailing?”

I looked at him and said, “Yes,” and told him we were going inland.

To that he said, “That’s the worst part of the snow.” 

Then he told me he was moving his car a mile inland because of the potential flooding.

I looked at him and realized I could never explain how I felt — my stomach was aching and I wanted to be on higher land. Just then I realized the only difference between us is that we have different comfort zones.

I would rather be in snow.

snow shovel, jamie eslinger, the promise 365, the promise daily

So now we are safely inland, tucked away with family.

The dogs are in the kennel probably chewing on a steak bone and running circles around each other.

One thing is for certain… we will have an ABUNDANCE of snow by tomorrow morning!

And, I, for one, am content to be snowed in under three feet of snow instead of 20 foot waves from ocean salt water.

The irony of it all?
The whole time I was panicking and carrying on, I was wearing my Lovemore+Fearless T-shirt.

More tomorrow.

{Does your gut talk to you? Share in the comments section below.}

Day 302: the light at the end of sandy’s tunnel

30 Oct

There seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel.
At least there is a very large moon over the ocean tonight outside our front door.

My heart goes out to those in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and all the other areas who took the brunt of Sandy’s super powers. (If you’re interested, the American Red Cross is still looking for help to aid the most affected areas.)

As for us…

After spending an entire day glued to the tube far away in the suburbs, watching the newscasters report from the shore just down the beach from our house in Situate, we are home and find everything in its place.

Everything outside is of course dripping wet, but the house, windows, stairs, walls, roof are all intact. (Even the Boston Globe has a photo of Scituate on its Facebook banner!)

The sand is super smooth on the beach, as if someone took a lawn mower to it and trimmed it all down to the same height, not even one footprint left.  Rocks dot the landscape.  And, everything is absolutely dripping wet — did I already say that?

If Sandy was the some sort of welcoming committee, I guess we should consider ourselves officially acclimated to the South Shore.

But we are thankful.  And lucky.

Just for the record, while my theme this year is to live fearlessly, this was NOT what I asked for: not for me, not for you and not for anyone else either.

The good news is that most of us are still standing.

Let’s hope all those buried in snow or sand, holding roofs together with shoe strings or waiting for the water to dry up are on their way to seeing the light soon.

Sending you love.

More and more love.
Love, more and more.


Day 296: sealing the deal of everyday moments

24 Oct

It’s amazing what can be right out side our front door these days.

Yesterday it was a pile of seaweed. Last week it was a Budweiser can. We have a constant wash ashore of lost shoes, flip flops and bathing trunks.

But this morning sealed the deal.

As Justin looked out the window with sleepy eyes he said to me, “what’s on the beach?”

“What do you mean?” I asked as I buzzed around the house doing some last minute packing for my trip to Chicago. The train was leaving in 30 minutes and I was in full-on focus mode.

“You just took the dogs outside, didn’t you notice that?” He pointed to the shiny mass at the edge of the water.

“Nope.” I sized up my luggage making sure I had everything, half distracted but trying to listen as I peered outside. “What do you think it is?”

“A seal.”

Now he had my attention.

We walked outside to inspect. Or rather, Justin walked outside to inspect and I followed behind, not sure how close I should get to this little thing.

It turned out to be a baby seal, with no mother anywhere in sight.

It looked us right in the eye and didn’t move. Cute like a puppy, but wild nonetheless. So we kept our distance.

I thought about that seal all day today.

Where was its mommy?
Was it sick?
Was it just taking a break from a full belly (as my friend Carol pointed out is sometimes a typical occurrence on the South Shore beaches).

I hope he or she found its way back home. I’m going to believe it did, for my own sake. Regardless, it was the closest I have ever been to such a creature.

And to think that I almost missed this moment this morning because I was so wrapped up in my schedule.

It makes me realize…
Sometimes finding the best moments in life are as easy as just looking up — or right outside the front door. 

(P.S. Photos by Justin Aiken – thanks honey!)

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