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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 20 :: driving into failure

20 Jan
I first learned to drive when I was a teenager. My parents didn’t let me near the “real” car until I proved my stellar skills at holding a paper plate in one hand as a “pretend steering wheel” and a baseball bat in the other as a “pretend stick shift”. I rolled my eyes a lot as teenagers do but it was a good exercise in patience and practice.

My fiend Lindsey’s mom then took us out into a rocky, dried up, field of sage brush and let us practice giving each other whiplash as we figured out how to maneuver the “real” stick shift and put a “real” car into gear. I’m confident we disturbed the wildlife living under those Idaho lava rocks (snakes!) but the roads were safe until we mastered the art of driving.

We then took Drivers Ed and were issued the card of teenage freedom.  A drivers license.

I’ve been driving ever since and have never looked back. Until today. I failed my drivers license test. Seriously. I’ve been putting off changing over my license until I had all the surgeries behind me. (What I should have done was study the manual during my recoveries!)

I have to say today was not a moment of bliss as I starred at those big letters pop up across the testing computers screen screaming FAILURE. I was just one question short of passing. One question! ARG!

The good news is that I can go back tomorrow.
Second chances are good, maybe not blissful, but I’ll take it (AGAIN!$%$3@!!).

More tomorrow. 

 {looking for a second chance?}
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