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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 49 :: joy of friends

19 Feb

I’ve been thinking a lot about friends these days. The people in my life, who have come in and out at just exactly the right times. 

There are few words to describe it, but there is so much joy.

It has me thinking about the joy of friends. The lifelong joy and this very moment joy, and all the tiny turns in between.

A good friend is a mirror, holding you up to your greatest potential. And catching so you don’t fall to your lowest point. They are givers of good in so many ways.

I feel blessed in the friendship department. The sisterhood of the traveling friends. You know who you are!

Here’s to all the friends. New. Old. Silver. Gold.
Thank you for the joy. 

More tomorrow…



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 10 :: kind eyes

10 Jan


I’ve heard the saying of having “kind eyes” but today I was actually kind to mine. My new eyeglasses arrived!

As I put them on my nose and nestled them into place the whole world became clear. Crystal clear. It’s amazing how blurriness can just creep in while you don’t realize it is happening.

It was a good reminder for me too.
Kindness is all about being clear. Crystal clear.
In every aspect of life. Even when it comes to the parts that do all seeing.

More tomorrow, kind soul.

P.S.  Challenge #1 is on through tomorrow!  Are you Practicing Respect?
If you choose to accept this challenge, try one of the following acts:
– admire someone with kind words
– point out a particular and appreciated detail with kind words
– use thoughtful words to compliment someone on an achievement


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Day 186: i can see clearly now the blur is gone

5 Jul

I can see clearly now.
My new trial contacts just arrived in the mail from my eye doctor and wooo weee do they make it easier to see.

I had no idea how blurry my life had become.
Until now.

Isn’t that always the case?
It takes a newer, clearer, more focused lens in order to see just how cloudy and murky the old one was, and, once you get your hands on that new lens it’s so hard to deal with the old one again.

I find it true of my eye-sight and previous jobs, living situations, food choices, even clothing styles (nothing against leg warmers and neon pink, it was the clear choice back in 1982, it’s just so not the right one for me now).

With my more focused vision I am seeing the world around me in a new light … and new dust particles too.   Suddenly I see every fleck of ick and it’s hard to ignore.  The world was a much cleaner place when my eye-sight was a little bit blurrrrrrred.

I rather prefer the world not screaming at me to dust it.
But I can’t go back now.  There’s something refreshing about seeing “all obstacles in my way.”

Age old dilemma isn’t it?
To see or not see …that is the question.

Kind of reminds me of how much I’ve “seen” so far through The Promise 365.

What about you?
Are there changes or promises you’ve made that will forever change the way you see the world?

While you ponder that, take a view at this music video by K.T. Tunstall.
I have it saved on my iPhone and for some reason the song has a mind of its own.  It will start playing in the middle of the day at random, like at the grocery store blaring from my purse, or in a meeting screaming from my bag, or while I’m brushing my teeth, reviewing the mail, or starring off into space.

Maybe that song is trying to tell me something?
Yeah …it’s not quite clear.

Here’s KT’s video:

If your rain is gone, here’s Johnny Nash promising a bright, sunshiny day.

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