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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 186 :: fireworks

4 Jul
{joyful, fun and free}

As the fireworks burst outside my window I am popping with joy. How joyful it is to be free. How joyful it is to have fun. The best combination is fun and free, and free and fun.

Sometimes I think we forgot how to have fun and be free. But a day like today is a good reminder, Independence Day. I spent the day sorting through more stuff. Mostly clothing and shoes, my heart’s desires. I already dropped off six bags at the consignment store and have three more waiting to go.

Not because I don’t love them but because they no longer fit. Most are too small. A few are too big. But mostly, I have a sense that in order to fully walk into a new adventure you have to let go of the old ones.

Believe me, it’s hard for me to do. Clothing whispers to me. My clothing sends surges of memories into every cell of my being — what I wore, what I did,  what I ate, who I met, what happened… and what didn’t happen too. Clothing is a time capsule.

So, to me, it’s like gathering up a bunch of old friends and waving goodbye at port, as they ready to go onto new adventures in places I can only imagine… at the consignment store. And, yet, there is a sense of freedom in that.

It’s a sense of letting go. And letting in the new. It’s a freedom, really. One I’m proud to say I have, the ability to pick up my life and move it to a new place, a different state, a different port. What a beautiful freedom we have in this world.

Many adventures (and I’m sure new clothing) await!
What joy.

More tomorrow…



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 135 :: taking steps 

16 May

Day 135: Body.

So this happened. It’s a long story that involves a slipped arch, a shoe store and my feet. Which had me leaving with these:

It’s funny, this yoga thing. It has me more aware of my body. Something I didn’t think was possible after so many surgeries and recoveries and power yoga days before that.

But I am learning to pay attention to the signs. To listen more deeply to my body and all that she needs. Including shoes that are more therapy than style – although, I am getting used to the look of these leather straps on my feet.

It all boils down to:
More. Support.
And that is a beautiful (and very stylish) thing.

More tomorrow.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 321 :: blissful macy’s

21 Nov

Today’s bliss…new shoes.

Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?
My first year of this blog was a promise not to shop…. and now, today, my totally blissful moment was just that … shopping.

I still don’t shop the way I used to… but occasionally, I find a moment here or there where I am in the hunt. Going after the find. And have landed in a place called Super Saturday Sale at Macy’s.

Believe me, I know there’s so much more to life than just finding beautiful things… but I have to admit, sometimes, I still find myself smitten. And I’m in love.

With these new shoes. They are just so fun. And pretty darn comfortable for heels.

And because I couldn’t decide if I will wear a floorlength blue dress or a black dress or a purple dress (oh, the pressure!) they will essentially go (or classily clash) with everything.

The bonus?! Mr. Shoe Department at Macy’s ran them through the price checker and they were 50% off…. a whole twenty four dollars.

Sold. To the woman with bliss all over her face.
And her feet.

More tomorrow. 


Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 129 :: succulent shoes

10 May

I’m two weeks out of surgery. Wow! I am constantly amazed at the power of modern medicine and the healing abilities of the body.

And, now, I can proudly say that I can almost place my arms above my head — and believe me, this is progress.

But tonight, what I really want to share is for the feet. I spotted these succulent shoes on the street today (to be fair it was a street fair).

And they were beauties!

And that’s my beauty spot of the day.

More tomorrow.

{happy mother’s day!}

Day 329: f*ing friday :: frontier

2 Dec

Today continues the weekly series, F*ing Fridays, which will coincidentally occur on Friday. I mentioned some of my favorite F words back on Day 5, including: Fearless, Fabulous, Fine, Fun, Faith, Freedom, Forgiveness, to name a Few.

Last week I dove into the word Freaky Friday.

Today’s F*ing Friday is dedicated to the words:

As in, new frontiers.

I originate from Idaho, where not just a few massive rivers run through it, but the Oregon Trail crisscrosses right through the state too.

Growing up, when my teachers spoke of The Frontier it meant covered wagons and a rush for gold.  Sacajawea too.  There are places near my hometown where you can still see wagon tracks embedded in the sagebrush.

There are many impressions left from those who blazed that trail.
In the land, the people and the history books.

How anyone survived still amazes me.
I mean, seriously, covered wagons?

I even had a friend who still held a pristine pair of shoes her grandmother kept during the ride West.  Her grandmother went BAREFOOT during the ENTIRE trip down the Oregon Trail — just to keep her shoes pretty and unscuffed so she could wear them on the other side.

For the love of shoes!
Now that’s a woman after my “sole” searching heart.

There were times during this year where I felt like I was riding in a covered wagon, navigating unknown territory, tensing up, opening up and trying new things in a new frontier.

Still wrestling with a little (what to eat).
Riveted by some (chakra massage).
Failing at others (brazilian bikini wax).

Tonight it occurs to me that there are FIVE F*ing Fridays left in this year.

It also occurs to me that I may have something in common with my friend’s grandmother who traveled across the country in bare feet.

Once she reached her destination, her feet were so swollen, bruised and transformed from the trip that those shoes she saved — for the ENTIRE length of the Oregon Trail — no longer fit.

Granted my feet are not swollen or bruised (although they do prefer flip flops these days).

When heading down a new trail in life, I suppose it’s pretty standard to end up in a difference place than what you originally set out for or planned.

And, that makes me wonder just what will fit at the end of this promise?
Twenty-nine more days until we find out what is on the other side of that mountain.

As they say out West, Saddle Up Cowgirl!
Welcome to the new frontier.

Day 295: trick or treat, smell my feet

22 Oct

There are a few things I took home from the spa this week.

For one, the lovely lavender scented body lotion, shampoo and body wash samples.
For two, a life’s lesson in the soul.

And, finally, (leave it to me!) the brand new pair of shoes that comes standard with each hotel room.

Hey, they were free, and comfy, and totally packable, and beach ready, and, and…

I can make excuses all day long about why I need a new pair of shoes.
Even those that are complementary.

But, I have to say, when I wear these shoes and look down at my feet, all I see is relaxation, peaceful serenity and a small bit of bliss.  It’s like a mini transport back to the spa, with my toes poking out.

If shoes are what cushion our path, then I must admit, I am pretty satisfied wearing these rubber soles that reek of lavender on my feet.

I might just keep them around for those times when stress inevitably sets in.  What a gentle reminder to take a deep breathe, relax and be mindful.

As the saying goes…

Trick or treat.
Smell my feet.

Day 190: street cred

9 Jul

Vineyard Haven celebrated the 40th annual Tisbury Street Fair on Main Street tonight, on the 190th day of the year, with 175 left to go.

But who’s counting?
Yeah, that would be me.

Let me count the days and ways.

Tonight I veered in and out of the crowd, between the dunk tank, the face painting and the pony rides to count the temptations greeting me on the street.

1) My favorite kind of chocolate (Mocha from Mocha Motts – oh boy!)

2)  Shoes for summer (all strappy and fun!)

3) Dresses (on sale!)

4) Window dressings (how much is that coat in the window?)

I am proud to report I purchased nothing, nada, zilch.
But I admit, I felt the urge to splurge creep up inside me.  It’s hard to quell the temptation of summer + street fair + 50% off sales.

Especially when Justin saw me eying a rack of clothes and mentioned he would buy one for me if I really wanted it.  To which I promptly gasped, “that would be cheating!”  (But secretly I love the fact that he offered.)

In the end I didn’t do it.
Which means, I did keep my promise.
And so can you — keep your promise — whatever that is.

Tomorrow I will tell you what I did purchase today…
a really yummy treat.


Day 170: pinch me, I’m dreaming

19 Jun

I had a dream last night.

For some reason I was on my way to a basketball tournament.  I was teaming up with friends from high school to play in a tournament when I realized I didn’t have my shoes with me.  Not just any shoes.  My basketball shoes, the specific high tops I needed to play ball.

I didn’t have the right shoes!
Even worse I was wearing the silliest shoes possible for a basketball game, strappy sandals.

For a moment I just shrugged my shoulders and announced I wasn’t worried.  I would just buy a pair of new basketball shoes on my way to the game.

But them I stopped in my tracks.
Wait a minute!

I can’t buy anything this year because of The Promise 365.
What am I going to do???!!!!  The dream version of myself shrieked.

In the middle of agonizing over not having the right shoes, a friend walking next to me pointed out the bag on my shoulder and instructed me to look inside it.

The bag just appeared out of nowhere.

There wasn’t a bag in my dream at any moment before this one.  But my dear friend spotted this bag.  On my shoulder.  As if it had been there the whole time.

And guess what was inside?
My basketball shoes.

I have been pondering this dream all day.

Tonight, I finally came to terms with the fact that I don’t know what it means.  There is probably someone somewhere deep inside of me that understands it more than I ever will.

But, I will say this…
I’m not surprised that in my dream I had the perfect shoes at the exact moment I needed and not a moment before.

I’m starting to believe that life just seems to go this way when I take good care of my head and my heart, my body & my soul.

People, like bags, just appear in my life with exactly what I need in the moment I need it.  And, just like a pair of basketball shoes, things seem to magically be within my reach even when I don’t know where to look or how to find them.

It’s a pretty cool thing.
And I’m pretty sure it’s not just a dream.

Day 27: expert shoes

27 Jan

A girl’s gotta love new shoes!
I received two beautiful gifts in the form of shoes for my birthday.

One was this adorable birthday card from Justin’s mother, and it couldn’t be more fitting for me. 

A girl and her shoes.
My love for shoes started right about the age of this little one on the card. We share the delight of the sole.

The other gift was this really fun pair of flip flops from my friend Laura. She hinted at sending me some flip flops a few weeks ago and aren’t they adorable!?

In fact, after I wrote about my shoe collection Laura emailed me wondering how I convinced my parents to buy me a 100 pairs of shoes. This was my response:

Dear Laura,
Here is some of what I think it was:

1)   I had big feet at an early age, they finished growing before the rest of me did. So, I started early.

2)  Where most kids wanted souvenirs on vacation, I wanted shoes. I was always looking for really new and different shoes in whatever city we visited.

3)  Once people know you like something they buy it for you. If you like golf you get lots of golf stuff, if you like shoes, you get shoes.

However, as I reflect on this note, I think there are 2 other factors:

1) Sports: you need a new pair of shoes for every sport you play, and I played a lot of sports!

2) 10,000 hour theory. I put in my time. I knew where to find the best shoe deals. I never paid full price. (or, at least my parents did not)

The theory behind being an expert.
It takes merely 10,000 hours of practice. I first learned about this theory by Anders Ericcson in my sports psychology classes at Smith College. Malcom Gladwell made it mainstream popular in his book, Outliers.

And, as we have all observed when an expert (you name it, comedian, athlete, business tycoon) reaches the top of their game they experience “flow” — and I know flow with shoes.

Now, I’m not buying shoes this year, but it makes me wonder…

10,000 hours is roughly 2 hours a day for 10 years.
What could I be an expert at in time for my 47th birthday?

Think about it.
You could be almost anything in 10 years.

Day 10: a perfect 10

10 Jan

My college roommate, Laura, shot me a cryptic email this morning that read:
“So, hypothetically speaking…if someone were going to buy you really cute flip flops for your birthday, what size should she buy?  Strictly a hypothetical question mind you.”

Well, that’s an easy answer:  I am a perfect 10.
In shoes. Undeniably, the only area where I have things perfectly figured out.

Size 10 shoes fit absolutely, perfectly, every time.
There is hardly a pair of size 10 shoes in the world that don’t feel like they were made for my feet (even that stubby toe of mine doesn’t mess this up).

Which is why I adore shoes. They are more pleasing than chocolate.
There is no hassle, no pulling, squeezing, sucking-in-all-the-air-in-my-lungs-until-I-turn-blue-in-the-face to slip them over my feet. They just slide right on.

In junior high I had a running count of my shoe collection. When I hit Number 100 it was a day of celebration.

I organized them by color, function and heel height in my closet.
Which was easy because I owned nothing over .000005 inch heel being 6 feet tall.

Heels were not yet in my repertoire because the boys were not yet at my eye level. It is indeed a cruel and sick joke to have an amazon woman occupying your 14 year old body.

Jeans were always too short, skirts were always too short, shorts were always, surprisingly, too short. And the boys, again, way too short.

But shoes, oh la la! They were just right.
Thus, los zapatos love affair began.

In my most recent high drama crisis, the one I call “The World’s Worst Divorce” I had a troupe of amazing friends who helped me in many ways, one of which was to move me and my stuff out of my condo. There’s nothing like a divorce to unveil your life, or your shoe collection.

In the middle of hauling yet another tub of shoes up the stairs to my new locale, my friend Sheryl looked at me and said, “where did you get all of these shoes?”  I just shrugged. Shoes have always been with me.

Sheryl then looked at my other amazing friend Sara and inquired, “if she wasn’t with ME when she bought all these shoes, and she wasn’t with YOU…” Sheryl questioned me, “who did you buy all these shoes with?”

The answer of course was, alone. I was all, all, alone when buying all of those shoes. And that’s the first day I realized I might have a shoe problem.

I’m not planning on giving up my zapatos love this year. Just being more aware of it and why I have it. While I won’t buy new shoes (at least not those that can’t help my body) I will accept them as gifts from amazing friends (just in case you are reading this Laura!).

Like they say, if the shoe fits…
Indeed, if there are two things that have always been there for me, they are shoes and amazing friends.

P.S.  It is officially Day 10.  Wooo Hoo!
Only 20 more days to go before writing every single day will become a habit.
Can’t wait.

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