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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 285 :: joy is good karma

21 Oct

{shopping karma} 

Today JOY came to me in the form of a little side table. One I have been looking for online for a while now, and couldn’t find just the right one. But shout out to the Shopping Fairy Godmothers because she appeared today, right in front of me, in a Marshalls. 

Of course, I didn’t go to Marshalls to buy a side table, I went in search of a photo frame. One they didn’t have in stock but they did have a ….tada!…. a round, silver, side table. Just what I have been searching for.

So, to JOY, I just want to say, thank you, for helping furnish our new place and new life with a few good things. And good shopping karma!

More tomorrow… Lovemore,


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 279 joy is shopping

14 Oct


Ah, the joy of shopping! That is how this blog began and where it brings me today. To shopping for a blanket. Not for me. Not for Justin. Or anyone else I am related to. No, today, I went shopping for the dog. That’s right, Brady. 

Brady keeps trying to steal my blanket. I have to admit, it’s a really nice, furry, warm one from World Market. What can I say, this dog has great taste? But this blanket is mine and I want to keep it that way. So I made a special trip to Marshall’s to find Brady his own really nice, furry warm blanket.

Sunday shopping success! Now Brady has his own blanket and so do I. So both of us can be warm. 
And that brings me joy. 
More tomorrow… Lovemore,


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 203 :: follow the lobster

21 Jul
{joy ride}

The joy ride is on!

Today, my friend Amy and I went on a New England adventure. In search of a lobster roll. We didn’t find one but we did find fish for lunch and a sunny beach to sit on with many other New England families. We also found the house that Justin and I spent a winter in on top of pylons on the beach. The house looks different in the summer…. as does everything. As if nature is coated with joy.

Then, of course, to top it all off, we found shopping.
It always comes back to shopping, doesn’t it?

I think this year is teaching me to have more adventures.
And, when it comes to joy, to follow the lobster!

Happy Friday!

More tomorrow…


{search for joy}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 186 :: fireworks

4 Jul
{joyful, fun and free}

As the fireworks burst outside my window I am popping with joy. How joyful it is to be free. How joyful it is to have fun. The best combination is fun and free, and free and fun.

Sometimes I think we forgot how to have fun and be free. But a day like today is a good reminder, Independence Day. I spent the day sorting through more stuff. Mostly clothing and shoes, my heart’s desires. I already dropped off six bags at the consignment store and have three more waiting to go.

Not because I don’t love them but because they no longer fit. Most are too small. A few are too big. But mostly, I have a sense that in order to fully walk into a new adventure you have to let go of the old ones.

Believe me, it’s hard for me to do. Clothing whispers to me. My clothing sends surges of memories into every cell of my being — what I wore, what I did,  what I ate, who I met, what happened… and what didn’t happen too. Clothing is a time capsule.

So, to me, it’s like gathering up a bunch of old friends and waving goodbye at port, as they ready to go onto new adventures in places I can only imagine… at the consignment store. And, yet, there is a sense of freedom in that.

It’s a sense of letting go. And letting in the new. It’s a freedom, really. One I’m proud to say I have, the ability to pick up my life and move it to a new place, a different state, a different port. What a beautiful freedom we have in this world.

Many adventures (and I’m sure new clothing) await!
What joy.

More tomorrow…



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 213 :: magic moments

9 Aug

Day 213: Beauty.

I’m sitting here thinking about magical moments. I’ve had quite a magical day. I’m watching the Olympics, appreciating the magical moments these athletes are experiencing, as all the days they have been living most of their life for unfolds in this moment.

And then I’m appreciating the magical moments I share with the women in my life – my aunt, my nieces, and my mom’s best friend. From moments of shopping, trying on bathing suits to giggling like little girls with little girls.

There is magic that happens when women get together. Even if it’s just shopping. There is magic all around us.

Pure magic.

More tomorrow.

P.S. And now I yoga!

{magical moments}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 321 :: blissful macy’s

21 Nov

Today’s bliss…new shoes.

Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?
My first year of this blog was a promise not to shop…. and now, today, my totally blissful moment was just that … shopping.

I still don’t shop the way I used to… but occasionally, I find a moment here or there where I am in the hunt. Going after the find. And have landed in a place called Super Saturday Sale at Macy’s.

Believe me, I know there’s so much more to life than just finding beautiful things… but I have to admit, sometimes, I still find myself smitten. And I’m in love.

With these new shoes. They are just so fun. And pretty darn comfortable for heels.

And because I couldn’t decide if I will wear a floorlength blue dress or a black dress or a purple dress (oh, the pressure!) they will essentially go (or classily clash) with everything.

The bonus?! Mr. Shoe Department at Macy’s ran them through the price checker and they were 50% off…. a whole twenty four dollars.

Sold. To the woman with bliss all over her face.
And her feet.

More tomorrow. 


Day 356: 12 days of christmas :: pajamas

23 Dec

Two days.
Christmas nears.

Today Kim and I ran around town looking for the final pièce de résistance.

As did everyone else in the northern hemisphere judging by the parking lot at The Burlington Mall.

Good thing Eileen Fisher came to our rescue.


Because tonight we opened “ze gifts.”

Christmas comes early when you coordinate 20 busy schedules as we did tonight with Justin’s family.

And that brings me to this.
There are two things I really love:

I love Christmas.

I love pajamas.

So what could be better than Christmas+Pajamas?

How about 20 people all dressed in the same matching set of pajamas all around the Christmas tree?


From short to tall.
From young to old.
From tiny to not so tiny.

As we all paraded around in our Christmas PJ’s it brought me back to the Christmas of my youth.

It brought me back to Mama Sling’s rule that we could open one gift on Christmas Eve. To Mama Sling’s uncanny ability to steer us in the direction of the one box with our Christmas pajamas waiting inside.

There was always something magical that happened when you went to sleep in your Christmas pajamas. Santa left presents under the tree. You woke up to yummy smells. And sometimes, just sometimes, you woke up to a blanket of snow.

But the best part of all was always the sweet, sweet dreams.

From my heart to yours.

Merry Christmas.

Sweet dreams.


Day 96: when life gives you a lulu lemon

5 Apr

I can shop! 
I made my promise and I kept it. I went all 365 days of last year with no purchase of clothes, shoes or frivolous items.

And, it was so worth it!

But, now, as I begin to exercise that shopping muscle again, I seem to have forgotten how to use it, or maybe it just does not want to be stretched.

Especially at Lulu Lemon.
Today was attempt number THREE at trying to buy at Lulu Le-mone (I like pronouncing lemon as “le-mone” with a hard “o” — similar to how I prefer to say Target as “tar-jay”).

The first attempt was while shopping with Holly Getty a few weeks ago.  Holly rounded up a fantastic outfit for me, both comfortable, stylish and fun. It was perfect for my days working at home, walking the dogs or even (gasp!) doing yoga.

The only problem?
It was my FIRST stop, my FIRST try-on of any item of clothing in over a year.  So I didn’t want to rush to the check-out counter and buy the first item of clothing I placed on my body.

“No problem!” Holly said, and we decided to hold the items at Lulu Le-mone and come back later for them.

Just as we placed the fabulous items on hold and prepared to leave the store, the fit young woman manning the front door looked us up and down, pointed to her watch and said in her best kindergarten teacher voice, “So …we agree to hold these items for ONE HOUR.”

She nodded her head up and down trying to get our heads to move in the same motion as hers while she pronounced the words “one hour” very SLOWLY and very LOUDLY, as if we were not only 5-years old but also hard of hearing.

We nodded our heads back, left the store and I promptly announced to Holly that I didn’t want to buy from someone so rude.

So, at the end of the day, I didn’t.

But, then, after a few weeks of contemplation, Holly sent me a follow-up email suggesting I consider the amazing cropped yoga pants, relaxed T-shirt and wrap.

I agreed.
They were a great fit.

But, I still didn’t want to go back into that dreadful store and be greeted by Miss Tight-Sassy-Pants and her time keeping watch. Instead, I decided to exercise my online shopping dexterity.

Just as I loaded up my shopping cart and clicked the check-out button on lululemon.com an image flashed across my computer screen.

“ADDRESS NOT VALID” it read in bright red letters.

“That’s odd,” I thought and assumed it was my own user error.  I back tracked, checked my data entry and confirmed it was indeed the address where I dwell, with proper street numbers and zip code.

So I hit the check-out button again.
“ADDRESS NOT VALID,” my computer screamed back

Alright-y then, I sighed and gave up.

Until today, when I found myself back in the vicinity of Lulu Le-mone. I was so close. Just around the corner. I decided to try again.

I quickly found all the items Holly picked out for me and entered the dressing room.

They fit!  They were still fabulous!  I loved them all!

As I approached the check-out counter I realized there was a problem.  I left my card at home (since I didn’t plan on a shopping trip). I asked the woman behind the counter if I could write a check, which I did have with me.

Her face turned sour and she squinted her downward dog eyes at me.

“Oh, noooooo,” she gasped rolling her eyes at her co-worker. “We can’t take a check, we don’t have anything to process that with.”  Emphasis on the word “that” as if I was carrying an alligator in my purse.

So I placed all my items back on the shelf and left the store again empty-handed.

As I walked through the glass doors, into the open air mall with smell of salt water and palm trees, I couldn’t stop thinking this was just not meant to be.

Third strike you’re out.
And, I’m really okay with it.

In the past, I would have hopped in my car, gone home, grabbed my card or made a mad dash to the ATM. I would not have been able to live without my precious items.

But now, after my journey of 365 shop-less days, I know I can live without my precious items — even more so, I realize that maybe I am supposed to live without them.

Because, one thing I have learned, is this:  when something is hard, not easy, or not in the flow, it means there is probably something even better waiting around the corner.

What seems like a Lulu Lemon today, will turn into sweet lemonade —someday.

Who knows what I’ll find in place of those fabulous items?
But, I’m sure it will be even more precious than I can imagine.

Day 360: the day after christmas

26 Dec

It’s the day after Christmas and all through the house there were games being played, some on iPads, some on Kindles and some on boards.

One thing was surely missing: the day after Christmas shopping spree.

On one hand I miss it and on the other I can do without.

No matter what, I do know this:
The sales will go on. With or without me.
But who would take my turn on the Sorry board?

Day 352: holly getty to the rescue

18 Dec

Holly Getty where are you?

I am packing for Christmas vacation which will whisk us off to the Northwest in a few days and my wardrobe seems drab.  While pulling out all my winter clothes I realize they have one thing in common — the color  black.

With the exception of a red scarf.  And, I have to admit the scarf looks better on Pup in the warm Florida sun than it does on me!

As I look over my cold weather wardrobe I am intrigued by how environment influences colors, textures and the whole ensemble.

My Florida clothes look as if I stepped right off of Candy Cane Lane, with hues of pinks and greens and turquoise too.

And, my Massachusetts clothes look like a funeral procession of black on black.

Makes me wonder what I will choose when 2012 arrives and I can start shopping again.

I know I will never mindlessly shop again, but I do need to take into account my dual life between Martha’s Vineyard and Naples.

So …Holly Getty to the rescue!

Last summer, while in the middle of this promise, Holly promised to take me shopping when I could purchase again (YAY!).  Back then, Holly asked me what I wanted to look like next year — what did I wish for deep down inside?

At the time I was so deep into my promise I was puzzled about shopping in general — 2012 felt SO far away.

But here we are closing in on the New Year.
So, how do I feel?

For starters I need an underwear overhaul.  But, after that, I really want Holly to help me pair down my closet and define my authentic style before we really go shopping.

For inspiration, I have started a Pinterest board with images I love so Holly can get a sense of fashion I fall for.  Feel free to puruse here.

But, in the end, shopping will just be icing on the cake.
If there is anything I have learned over this year, it is I already have everything I need.

And, as we close in on these final weeks of 2012, I know in my heart that we can do anything (really!) — for an entire year.

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