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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 145 :: the day after

28 May

Day 145: Sore.

And she’s sore. It’s official.
All day long my shoulder reminded me of the yoga class I took yesterday. Like a little nudge trying to tell me either I did too much or am out of shape. Or both. Or maybe just a little clumsy and didn’t warm enough to stretch my body in those ways.

It’s funny, this yoga thing, the more I do it the harder it becomes. Meaning… where a downward dog used to tax my arms, now a Crow taxes my ego. I believe I should be able to do more poses, stretch longer, and deeper.

Mind games. This yoga thing. Which is the WHOLE point.
Letting go of that ego in order to enjoy more.
And shoulder less.

More tomorrow.


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