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Day 21: i’m a believer

21 Jan

I am home alone tonight.
It’s just me, Pup and a bowl of popcorn.

The perfect opportunity to catch up on some reading and browse entertainment on TV.

First up:  Shrek The Third
Just the sight of Shrek, any Shrek (1, 2, or 3), makes the song “I’m A Believer” continuously run through my mind.

And, that got me thinking …what do I believe in my heart?
So, I made a short list.

I believe…

  • the best sound in the world is a baby laughing
  • graduating to the “real world” feels like high school all over again (with less hair and better cars)
  • technology is good
  • dogs rule
  • there is power in knowledge
  • there is greater wisdom in intuition
  • my mother is still with me in spirit
  • in music
  • in sleep
  • in kindness
  • friends are better than chocolate
  • vacations are essential
  • life should be easy
  • energy is everything
  • in pursuing dreams
  • in happy endings
  • nothing ends, life goes on

I know I missed some major points on this short list, but, as this year progresses and I begin to explore all matters of the heart, I also know, more than anything, I believe in the power of love.

The song I’m A Believer (the one playing through my head right now) begins, “I thought love was only true in fairytales.”

Seems to me that when we live with an open heart, life becomes a fairytale.  At the very least, it is my goal to find out over these 365 days.

Oh, and one more thing: I believe that we — you — can do anything.

What do you believe?

Video: I’m A Believer – by Smash Mouth

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