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Day 83: make new friends

24 Mar

As I sit here at The Holiday Inn, rocking my favorite sweats and sweatshirt, I have something brewing inside.

There’s this thing about clothes, and image, and stories I am starting to feel.

Take these black and white sweats I am wearing, for instance.
They have been with me from the island of Martha’s Vineyard, through an entire cross country drive to the west coast, just to turn around and go all the way back the Eastern Time Zone.

These sweats have seen dessert, mountains, plains, beaches, arid cactus fields, and the entire width of Texas (almost three days worth of driving–JUST in Texas!).

They have zoomed through New Orleans for a beignet and coffee, and finally touched down on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

They have flown to Austin, Boston, Michigan and New York.

And, now, here they sit, in the Big Apple.

These sweats are becoming a part of me.

As you know, I’m not buying this year: no clothes, no shoes, no service.
Which makes packing for several climates quite a challenge.

But, as I leave the shopping behind and invest in myself (instead of my closet), I am appreciating my head, heart, body and soul more each and every day.

The clothes I do own are beginning to feel like old friends.

In fact today, when I posted this photo on Facebook from our adventures at Sirius XM radio with Debbie Phillips and Janette Barber, my high school friend Christi (who I adore despite the years and miles between us) wrote this on my wall:

“I’m starting to feel like those boots and I are old friends. :-)”

And, she’s right.
They are old friends.
Just like Christy is to me.

It’s got me thinking of that Girl Scout song from my youth:
Make new friends and keep the old.
One is silver and the other’s gold.

What The Promise is teaching me is this:
After the year is over, I will go back to buying, I’m sure.
But, the body, the inside, the spirit, heart and head will never go back to playing second fiddle again.

The sweats and boots can come along for the ride too,
(if I’m not ready to burn them at the end of this 365 day experiment) as material friends may come and go.

But, my head, heart, body & soul,
now they are learning to be life-long friends.
(some silver, some gold).

And with that dear friends, I say goodnight from the Big Apple (just under midnight!).

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