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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 310 :: blissful canvas

10 Nov

Today’s bliss…art.

Which reminds me….maybe bliss is as simple as taking a blank canvas and adding whatever you want to create to it.


More tomorrow. 

{what are you creating?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 28 :: keepin’ it simple

28 Jan
I’m keepin’ it simple tonight. Simple. Simple. Simple. 
And it feels good. Which makes me wonder if “simple” is a clue to this blissful thing? The more simple, easy, obvious, no brainer “duh” kind of moments I have the more I think that bliss shouldn’t be all that complicated.

Maybe ultimate bliss is really easier than we think? How rather simple would that be?


More tomorrow. 

 {how do you want to simplify?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 280 :: for the love of a warm gooey cookie

9 Oct

I love simply smart ideas. Things that are so simple they are brilliant. Game changers.

Like the power of a cookie — a WARM cookie.
What’s even better?  How about a WARM cookie that is delivered until 3am?

Meet  Insomnia Cookies:

My new favorite thing in Chicago.
Because it’s sweet and simple.

They were even delivered to our bowling alley tonight. Almost like magic gooey chocolate chip cookies appeared.

Which makes it brilliant (and YUMMY too!).

More tomorrow. 


 {what is sweet and simple for you?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 279 :: kiss chicago hello

8 Oct

Since I had a little too much red eye for these blue eyes…I’m making this short and sweet in the Windy City. (Despite the ten gallons of coffee I have had to stay awake today.)

It was the most simple, easiest way for me to wake up and stay alert.

Which reminds me of something.

Keeping it simple has become my mantra and new way of thinking for peak performance (enjoy simple beauty pause right now). And in a few weeks I’m excited to announce that I will share with you a live interview with someone very special to me — the woman who taught me to think simple (and profound)  thoughts.

More on that soon… in the meantime, here’s what she always says: 

Keep. It. Simple. Sweetie.

More tomorrow. 


 {how can you k.i.s.s.}

Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 235 :: an oldie but a goodie

23 Aug

Just a bit of beauty tonight.
This is an oldie from Martha’s Vineyard, but it is a goodie.

Enjoy simple beauty. Pause right now.

More tomorrow.


{what did you spot today?}

Day 11: the power of small

11 Jan

I’m constantly amazed at how big “little” is.
Today, for instance, on a whim, I decided to make a little change on my computer screen.

If I had to guess, I absorb the image that floats on my MacBook Pro for at least 10 hours a day. As I looked at it today for the billionth time, I thought: Why haven’t I changed it from my default factory setting?

It’s such a simple task.
It took less than a minute of my time.
And, yet, it has a profound impact on my heart and mind throughout the day — every single day.  All year long.

Here’s the before shot:

And the after shot:

One is much easier on the eyes and way more inspiring to my heart too.

It has me thinking…
Where else do I look all day long?
What do I see in my line of sight?
And, what message is it giving me?

It’s a good reminder to me that we are in control of our environment.  Not just our emotions, our reactions and our state of mind — but also what we choose to see.

Little is big.
Big can be simple.
Simple is profound.

What simple changes do you wish to make?

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