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Day 331: inner peace and interior bliss

27 Nov

Nap Day around here.
In between meals and football games Pup and I took advantage of the last day of Thanksgiving Weekend and officially napped it out.

It was good for our bodies and souls.

It felt great.
I didn’t realize how tired my body was from the move, the driving, the unpacking, the settling in, while still trying to keep a somewhat normal human schedule, until I settled down to read a book and fell directly asleep.

If nothing else, I am certainly grateful for the time national holidays give us to catch up — with family and on some z’s too.

And, tonight, I think I experienced the antidote to Black Friday-Small-Business-Saturday-Cyber-Monday-Hurry-You-Are-Running-Out-Of-Time-Madness — otherwise known as the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Simply Being. 

Sounds easy doesn’t it?
Actually, it is easy. It’s an App on my iPad.

Simply Being, Guided Mediation for Relaxation and Presence.
My friend Laura recommended it, and while this one costs a few dollars there are free versions too.  Plus, you can choose your length of meditation (Need a quickie?  Five minutes will do.  Need to chillax?  Take the 20 minute med).  You can learn more at MeditationOasis.com 

I also downloaded the Houzz App too.  It’s free.  It’s fabulous.  It’s all about interior design.  And, it has over 224,00 photos of inspiring displays of architecture and design.  Plus, you can keep your own Ideabook with favorite images and ideas.

Yes, it is clearly a new age for searching and finding both inner peace and interior bliss.

And, I am fully convinced that looking through my iPad Apps would tell you more about me than my Myers-Briggs score.

While I sometimes hover between a ESTJ and an ESFJ, my iPad has on full display my favorite Apps.

Likes: Pocket Yoga, O Magazine, Kindle, Evernote and Hulu+.
Hardly uses: NFL score, eBay, RedLaser, and Words Free.

Along with Nap Day, I guess we could call this App Day.
Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

Makes me remember Sunday’s of long ago, when I used to drink coffee and read a thing called a …what was that called?

Oh yes, A Newspaper.

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