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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 248 :: smile more

5 Sep


Trust fact: smiles build trust. 

I read a bit about trust today and you know what came up? Smiles. According to an article on Psychology Today“Smiles are an integral part of human and primate communications. The bottom line: If you want others to trust you, smile at them genuinely.”

So I made a list of the things that make me smile. Topping the list are (no surprise) puppies, and babies, and the beach. Here’s a top 40 list (no surprise two of mine are on it).

It’s that easy to find joy and apparently build trust…then that gives me all the smiles. 
What’s on your list? 

Trust me!
More tomorrow.


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BLOG – GIFT DAY 174 :: the art of the smile

23 Jun


Because smiles matter, right?I am so THRILLED to share this with you today. As you know, I am exploring the whole idea of ABUNDANCE for my promise this year.

So far, we have heard from some people I adore in the money, spirit, celebration, joy, health and wellness fields. And today, I am super excited to share another perspective.

A creative one.
A smiley one!

Today, I present  Bren Bataclan

Bren is a talented artist who started not just a painting career — but a smile crusade!

He began giving out paintings for FREE in Boston through the Smile Boston Project.

GOOD NEWS: you can now spot his paintings sitting on a park bench anywhere across the country as he takes his Smile Project coast to coast this summer.

I am a proud owner of a few smiley pieces myself, from when I first met Bren over 10 years ago:

His story is amazing — he even has some of his art pieces planned to go into outer space  Yes… OUTER SPACE.  Beam me up, Smiley! 

–> Click here to listen to the interview and find out how it all started. 
I wish you all abundance and smiles.

More tomorrow.

Lovemore {fearless}
{what does abundance mean to you?}

Day 221: three things i love more than chocolate (today!) :: smiles, decaf, breakfast burritos

9 Aug

Get on the gratitude bus!  
What are the top three things you LOVE more than chocolate today?

Here are mine…

This morning I met up with my good friend, Sue, for a cup of coffee (decaf of course!) and a little breakfast burrito on my way back to the island.

I loved catching up with Sue and seeing her virtual office at The Daily Brew.

As I sunk my teeth into the softest, most yummy breakfast burrito, I felt something pop in my mouth. And, then, I felt something hard on my tongue, as I looked up at Sue with horror on my face, I realized…


Not just any tooth — my FRONT tooth.  The same front tooth that cracked last year. Same tooth. In the same place, on the softest food I could possible eat.

Here I go again, with the same summer dilemma as last year.

Walking around with a cracked front tooth feels like baring all my flaws to humanity.  Like waiving a big, red flag — look here!  I’m cracked.

I suppose the lesson I need to learn is to continue to smile, cracks and all. 

I know I will continue to smile — it’s in my nature. Even though I can’t help but feel self-conscious about the big gap, smack dab in the middle of my mouth.

Ironically, I have few things left from my mother.  One precious item is a letter from my dear Mama Sling that says so much with very few words.

“Keep your gorgeous smile, it’ll go forever.  Love, Mom.”

I am so very grateful for that note. Even when I have a gap in my tooth, it makes me smile just thinking about her.

And, that love, will absolutely go forever. 

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