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Day 26: birthday in the bahamas

26 Jan

Today was beautiful, and a wonderful birthday!
Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes.

And, since I have a very short window of time to share tonight with a cranky internet connection, here are my favorite photos from the day.  There was so much to love!

Tomorrow, we swim (snorkel) with sharks.

Well, I’m not sure if I will get in the water, yet, but I’ll be on the boat.
Either way it’s a big leap in the right direction to get over my fears.  We’ll see…

xo ~Jamie

Day 80: play like a girl

21 Mar

Oh, am I sore!

My leg muscles are kicking and screaming.
Okay, and yelling too.

All from a romp in the pool with a snorkel and mask.
I forgot what it felt like to spend an hour splashing, diving, and swimming around in a pool.

Along with the chlorine overload, my body is aching.
And, it feels great.

Brings me right back to lemonade stands and blond hair that bleached out and turned green from consecutive summer months at the pool.

Today, we were actually testing out the new snorkel sets that will soon be packed for Mexico.

Well, I should clarify, Justin was teaching me how to breath in a snorkel set so I won’t go all panic room crazy once we hit the Pacific.

(I have a slightly less than healthy fear of the ocean, even though I really love it — mostly from my towel on the beach.)

Today also reminded me how great it is to play like a girl.
And, yes, I mean girl.
Cause that’s all I know.

As a little one I would go hours on end playing until the sun went down. Stopping usually meant dinner. Or bedtime.

Or possibly getting scolded and told to immediately come inside the house because you and your sister just pulled all the spring buds out of your mother’s flower beds.

(Oh, you didn’t do that? Trust me, they looked like weeds and we thought we were doing a good deed.)

After today’s swim, I have something to say:
It’s time to play like a girl.

Because it is good for you. Head and body included.

I remember it felt this good.
The only difference between now and then is instead of craving lemonade, now I want a cold Margarita after getting out of the pool. (Hey, that could be good for the soul?).

The other difference is the possibility of not being able to walk tomorrow morning…

But, it’s worth it.
And, so am I.

Aren’t you too!?

Makes me wonder…
Pool or no pool, why does it take the thought of “vacation” to let the play out?

So, get out there girl (and boy).

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