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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 48 :: snow day

18 Feb

We woke up to snow this morning. A slight dusting across the land leaving everything white capped and wintery. Even the flowers that are poking up out the ground outside my window.

They have delicate little yellow bulbs waiting to open. I worried about them today. But the truth is, Mother Nature knows best.

And those little delicate flowers probably know exactly what to do to survive a February snow and when to do it. Much like I think we all do. We all know what to do deep down in our heart of hearts. There is always that truth.  The heart truth.   

So I will keep watching those flowers out my window. And hope the sun will come out tomorrow to warm them back up.

And… In my heart, I already know it will.

More tomorrow…


{heart joy}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 359 :: merry christmas

25 Dec

Happy holidays. Merry Christmas. And good tidings.

Today, we awoke to a little Christmas miracle. A blanket of snow. It was pristine and beautiful — and a surprise! Which reminds me of the power of miracles.  

Last night at dinner we tracked Santa’s sleigh with an online App. We also discussed the weather and all wished to wake up to a white Christmas. We then watched Santa make stops in Bolivia and Costa Rice, Canada, the USA, and Mexico all on a phone held in our little hands while sitting at the dinner table (what a miracle!).

Then, this morning I awoke to Jaynane singing Christmas music from the living room and announcing, “It’s a White Christmas!”

I thought she was referring to the song. And, of course, the Christmas music wafting into our room. As I stumbled out into the living room in my pajamas she turned on the porch lights to show off the blanket of snow outside. It was a Christmas miracle – a snowclad world sparking outside.

We dreamt about it. We talked about it. And then we woke up to it. It may seem small but it was a magical way to greet the day. And it reminds me that Miracles can come in all forms.

Last I checked, Santa delivered 7,281,439,471 gifts around the world on this Christmas holiday. How kind of him. What a feat! A true miracle if you ask me.

Maybe the biggest miracle of all is remembering to believe.
In the power of loving each other.
Of being kind to those in our lives all year long.
And recognizing the magic in our everyday experiences.
Even when it’s just surprise snowflakes out the window.

That may be the kindest Christmas gift of all.

More tomorrow…



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 59 :: 4-letter word friday

3 Mar


Today’s installment of 4-letter word Friday brings me to the white, fluffy stuff. SNOW. As in, we have had so much snow this winter! We are predicted to see more over the next three days and wake up to a fluffy snow-packed morning.

Even though it’s cold, and slippery, it’s pretty. Add a cup of hot beverage of your choice, along with a Saturday morning and it might just be perfectly cozy.

And I kind of like that.
Kindly yours.

More tomorrow….


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 353 :: the shred is back 

18 Dec

Day 353: Ala, ala.

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house…Not a creative was stirring… except for me doing yoga. The Shred Challenge back on!

However, it IS beginning to look a lot like Christmas here. Including a little snow. Which I was fascinated with this morning. As I walked the dogs outside I noticed the snowflakes falling on my robe. Yes… I wore my robe outside this morning, and I’m so glad I did! The dark blue fabric really made the snowflakes pop!

It’s amazing what you can see when you pay attention. And when you’re wearing the right colors.

Tomorrow there will be more Shred Challenge. You can join the course here.
Namaste, Snow. Namaste.

More tomorrow.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 218 :: do the unexpected

14 Aug

Day 218: Flow.

It was a flow sort of day. Sunshine. Summer. Fun. And while I had work to do inside, I chose to go outside. The pool. The view. I even did yoga outside. Outside! Yoga!

Sometimes you have to do the opposite of what is expected.

And, like this photo I took a week ago on top of a mountain in the middle of summer – I am reminded that flowers CAN grow next to snow.

And what you expect isn’t always what you need to grow.
Now, go, flow!

More tomorrow.


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BLOG – GIFT DAY 344 :: december travel: #snow #home #gifts

10 Dec

It’s beginning to look a lot like… 

The forecast calls for more #SNOW in Chicago tonight. But I’m not worried. I’m feeling pretty good actually — despite my cold. But that’s another issue.

Tonight, Chicago, will turn every snowier (is that a word?) and I turn even more excited. Because today I shared my gifts.

But first…. would you believe what I ran into tonight?
A sign from Oregon.
The night before I head home:

It still feels weird to tell people that I live in Oregon — because it still feels like a foreign land. But tonight there was a little piece of my heart that jumped for joy at a sign marked with the State of Oregon on it.  Even though it was for a brewery and I detest beer.

I can only compare it to that unexplainable wave of pride that hits you in your belly when someone brings up your team, your state, your school, your what-have-you.

And, it was officially the first time I felt it.
I hear there’s snow back at “home” and I’m headed there tomorrow to check it out.

But first, I want to say thank you to Chicago. You never disappoint. And today you allowed me to show up and shine doing the thing I love to do — lead a brainstorm session.

It’s taken me a long time to realize that brainstorms are one of my special gifts — a superpower if you will.

So, today, I proclaim it my gift of the day.

Because we have to claim our gifts.
We have to recognize them so that the rest of the world follows suit. 

Ideas. Paper. Action.
Doesn’t matter where I am — I love it.
And I love to share it.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{what do you love to share?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 342 :: december travel: bye bye seattle

8 Dec

I’m waving goodbye to Seattle today. 

As we left the city our shuttle driver said, “It hasn’t been this cold in Seattle for 20 years!”

I’m not sure if that is an official record, but it was cold here.
And SO sunny!

Cold enough to appreciate a warm fireplace – whether it is inside or outside!

December is here so I shouldn’t be surprised, but Ms. December feels unseasonably cold to me — and in so many parts of the country, including that crazy Philly Snow Bowl.

It’s enough to make me wish I would have read this article a week ago:

Outdoor Home Prep to Do Before Hard Winter Hits

Maybe you still have time?
If so, consider it a gift!

I am headed to Chicago and will report back from there.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{what is your gift today?}

GIFT DAY 041: it’s a new week, a new day

10 Feb

The sun is out today.

We await word on our beach house, if we have power, electricity, roads that are passable.

The waiting is hard.
But isn’t it always?

Today the sun is out and pouring through the tress.

As we helped shovel snow last night I was amazed at the amount of snow around us.

It seemed impossible and impassible at first, to move even just a small amount of the THREE FEET of snow that buried us.

snow path, jamie eslinger, the promise 365, the promise daily

Three of us worked our way with shovels until finally a path emerged. Some of us worked much slower (me) than others!

But it occurred to me that each shovel had a role.

Each one of us made a difference.

I suppose that’s why it feels so heavy when we’re buried all alone — whether it’s in work, emotions, or snow.

Sometimes it just takes more than one shovel to get out.

(And even the smallest shovels make a difference.)

More tomorrow.

{Hot cocoa or hot tea? Your choice, share below in the comments section.}

GIFT DAY 022: a small gift

22 Jan

I admit it. 

I have been listening to country music today.

As I woke up to snow on the beach this morning I thought, “I am far from the ‘country’ where I grew up.”

snow, the promise 365, jamie eslinger

There is no ocean in my hometown.

There is snow. Lots of it. But the snow covers rocky mountains, dessert brush, and wide open lava rock plains.

As the country music streamed through my “Sugarland” Pandora channel today, I couldn’t help but think of that little Idaho girl inside of me.

It was as if she was yelling “Hey Ya’ll!”

(Actually, we never said the word “Y’all” where I grew up. We said things like “darn it” and “dang” — and by the way — nobody says “dang” out here on the east coast.)

Coming “Out East” for college was a big eye opening moment for that little Idaho girl.

I quickly learned:

  • A “Pop” is not a soda
  • A “Show” is not a movie
  • A “Bubbler” has nothing to do with bubbles

And, most important, over my last twenty-year adventure across the east coast I have realized people are really the same wherever you go. Despite the different words, accents, clothing, jobs, education and lifestyles…

  • We all care about love and family and dreams. 
  • We all want our children to enjoy boundless opportunities. 
  • We all want access to good, healthy, yummy food.

Deep down inside we’re all the same no matter what coast, mountain or plain it snows — or doesn’t.

So my gift today is just this: a simple, small, tiny but important reminder (a prayer if you will) that we all want pretty much the same things.

And doesn’t that sound like a good, old fashioned country song?

More tomorrow.

{Feel free to share what you think, love, or like in the comment section below.}

Day 363: isn’t it ironic :: summer street

30 Dec

Happening in the opposite way to what is expected, thus typically causing wry amusement.

Today, Justin’s mother and I stumbled upon this winter wonderland view and we both laughed out loud saying, “How ironic!”

Summer Street, winter, thepromise365, jamie eslinger

I find it ironic that Summer Street was cased with snow — not to mention that I (flip flop girl!) ended up in the middle of winter this winter.

It was a bit of a surprise for us to land on Minot Beach, and I am honestly surprised at how fun it has been too.

Today it was fun to see snow collected at the beach.

thepromise365.com, jamie eslinger

Not to mention Justin’s new orange hat!


And Justin’s mother scale the huge rock on the beach in a single bound…


With Brady in tow!


Isn’t it amazing what we think we can’t do before we do it.

Like snow on Summer Street.
Winter on the beach.
Hats that are orange.
Climbing a big, old rock.

It’s kind of ironic. 
And I kind of love it. 



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