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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 164 :: trust your power

13 Jun


Tonight’s thought on trust… 

Trust the power of your incredible soul.  

More tomorrow.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 38 :: the joy of dreaming

9 Feb
{dream on}

As this year takes off I am thinking about dreams. Where dreams come from and how they find us. And the joy that comes from making our dreams come true.

I have also been thinking about the inspiration I find in words. I believe that words are medicine. Truly medicine. Words hold a vibration. And that vibration carries through our soul.

So this year, as I think about JOY… creating joy and sharing joy…I have decided to share more words. Here is tonight’s addition: 

Dreams are the gift of our nights and the adventure of our days.

Here’s to your dreams and your joy!
More tomorrow…



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 310 :: soul candy

6 Nov

I was thinking a lot about sweetness today. The sweetness I had this weekend with my girlfriends. The sweetness of friendships. The sadness that it is now over and we are all home.

And, then, it popped into my head:  Soul Candy.
Having these sweet, sweet weekends together is just like candy for the soul. It’s so sweet and so good, and then, before you know it, it’s gone!

How kind (and so very sweet).
We all need a little candy for the soul.

More tomorrow…


{soul candy}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 61 :: every act

5 Mar


As we enter the week ahead, I am reminded that every act matters. They all build up on top of each other, leading to the next, and the next, and the next.


And so tonight… I am pondering how every act of kindness matters.

Kindness Challenge:
How can you make every act matter this week?
How would it impact your week?
How could it change your life?

More tomorrow….


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 132 :: building strength

13 May

Day 132: Eating crow.

It’s amazing what this body of mine can do…and what I don’t give her credit for.

Like today, during a yoga class, when I surprised myself. The instructor said “crow” and I hesitated. It’s not easy for me to do the Crow Post and I rarely do it well. But then, without any regard to my thought process my Body, she, all on her own, did it. A crow. Without my help.

And when I say that, I mean, seriously without my help. There was no thinking involved. No brains. No though process. Just my body and her strength taking me up into a crow.

It’s a beautiful thing really. And something I’m leaning in this year of yoga. Some things need to be done with the head. Others with the heart. And at times, there are things that you just have to trust to the body.

She is a miracle, indeed.

More tomorrow.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 112 :: the roses are coming

25 Apr

The roses are coming! The roses are coming!

And the rhododendrons aren’t far behind. I can hardly wait.

Since moving to Oregon, the land of flowers, I have been perplexed by the petals popping out of the ground. Like magic, seemingly dormant and disguised as dried up branches, a bud appears. And then a bloom. And I stand mesmerized. Every. Single. Time.

“Seeing beauty in a flower could awaken humans, however briefly, to the beauty that is an essential part of their own innermost being, their true nature.”
– Eckhart Tolle 

It’s like budding bliss each time as it buoys my soul.
And we have lift off.

More tomorrow.

  {how do you lift off?}

Day 364: the wrap up part 4 :: soul

30 Dec

F*ing Friday is postponed until tomorrow …you’ll soon find out why.

Today we are continuing the wrap up of 2011.

So much has changed in my world, in this year, that I am dedicating a full day to each of my promises: head, heart, body and soul.

Because if I have learned anything this year, it is this: the magic is in reflection.

Part 4:  soul

This whole soul thing has taken me a while to figure out.  On Day 184, smack dab in the middle of the year, I contemplated my depth and understanding of the soul.

I was confused to say the least.
And then something happened.

As the days went on I began to understand my soul like never before.  As if I could feel it, as if this whole cosmic universe finally made sense.

It took a little more than a two 21-day meditation challenges.  And, it didn’t hurt that a few masseuses seem to have more spiritual insight into my life than I ever could imagine.

But, in the end, I found a place deep inside myself I always knew was there, something I felt even as a young child — a connection to spirit, to source, to light, to what-have-you.

As I’ve said before, I suppose it’s no surprise that I started off this year first taking care of my body with food and exercise and then my head with books and research and meditation.  With each day my heart opened and then finally, as if it took all three components to work together as a key, something turned inside me, as if my soul was unlocked.

It has brought me many gifts, including bringing me closer to the spirit of my mother, to the souls of my ancestors, to the light in my own life.

On many days, it has even brought me to tears.

Today, on the eve of Day 365, it brings me great happiness to know this year may be over but my promise will never end.

Because nothing ends.
We all go on.

See you tomorrow.

Day 344: a ball of barking love

10 Dec

This sweet three-month old Golden Retriever puppy is learning how to be a service dog.

Her name is Vicki, and when she grows up her purpose will be to help military vets who have Post Traumatic Stress.

I have watched Vicki over the last week in action.

She is just a puppy, not fully trained, nor ready to take up her post as a service dog.  But that doesn’t mean she isn’t already in service here with these 600 attendees of this conference.

At each break people flock to Vicki.  She’s an instant ooh and ah magnet.

Watching her in action made me think more about purpose and promises.

I mean, she doesn’t have a clue what her job will be when she grows up, or what training she needs to go through, or if she knows enough yet, or has taken enough credited classes, or learned from the right teachers.

But, that doesn’t stop Vicki.
She just lives in a constant state of licks and love, already a dog in service.

And, that makes a lot of sense.
As I try to wrap my mind around everything I have learned this week about the science of the body and the soul, the data, the studies, the cases, the outcomes, I feel overwhelmed with enlightenment and absolutely confused at the same time.

And, that makes me think of Vicki.

Vicki doesn’t seem to pause and think about what diet she is on, what food she is eating, if it’s better to be a vegan or gluten-free, full of calories or carbs.

Vicki doesn’t pause when people come up to greet her either, considering whether they are friend or foe, she just bounds straight into the arms of whomever is there licking away on their cheeks, tucking her head into their arms.

She is a ball of barking love.

Her purpose is clear and, yet, she is only a puppy.
I think we could all learn a thing or two from Vicki.

No matter what the data says, or the protocol proclaims, or diets recommend, it is clear to me there is one element that holds true in every scientific study.  If we were all just bigger balls of barking love our lives would be richer, our world would be happier and our health would be better.

Good for the head, heart, body and soul.

Makes me feel like this year of experimenting has brought me through so many tests, trials and tribulations, only to land me back in that place I knew best as a tiny, little baby.

Universal, undeniable, unfettering LOVE.
Who would have thought it could be that easy?
Woof, woof, indeed.

“Remember this is a trip into the Unknown. If you think you know where you are going you are on the wrong road.”

~ Father Thomas Keating

Day 296: a road trip for the body and soul

23 Oct

I slept next to this contraption once at Boston Logan Airport.
All night long it went Cling! Ping! Ding! Whoosh! Whack.

It was during a holiday with my trusted traveling buddies Laura and Lisa. We were road tripping between Boston and New York during Thanksgiving Break in order to do our patriotic duty of walking the Freedom Trail and witnessing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade all in one week.

We were sophomores in college and back then it made total logical sense to sleep in the airport instead of pay for a hotel room (since we had early morning flights).

All night long I heard the inner workings of the art installation as I tried to wrap my six-foot frame into some sort of slumber between two arm rests of the pleather airport lounge seat.

All night long it went Cling! Ping! Ding! Whoosh! Whack.

Today as I sat next to this same contraption at Logan’s Terminal E, I thought to myself — I will never do that again.

I’m discovering there’s a lot of things I would never do again.  But, back then, it was exciting to spend a night in a foreign city — at the airport!

Actually, it was more than exciting, it was daring.

Everything about that trip was daring for three 19 year-old women from small agricultural towns.  We rode buses and subways and planes through the great North East. We booked a (seedy) hotel room in Times Square.  (I have no idea HOW we found a HOTEL ROOM back then without the INTERNET.  But we did.)

We froze in arctic wind tunnels in the shadows of New York City sky scrapers as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade floated before our very eyes.  At least, that is, until we couldn’t take the bitter cold anymore and then huddled all together in the doorway of a luxury hotel under outdoor heaters.

We ran through the streets of New York laughing and giggling. With wide eyes and big hearts we tried our best to fit in.

We thought we were so sophisticated.
We laughed like school girls.

We made our way through by sensing and seeing and asking for directions.

At stop lights and intersections we instinctively followed the crowd.
“They go. We go!” We screamed to each other following native New Yorkers into the street without (GASP!) that familiar blinking walk signal.

Like I said, it was daring.

Other road trips took Laura, Lisa and I to Chicago, SeattleAlabama and the Gulf of Mexico.  With each new adventure we grew bigger as the world became smaller.

As I sat next to that same old contraption, chiming and clinking in the airport today, I was whooshed back in time to a younger, risk-taking version of myself.

It occurred to me that the journey I am on this year, during this promise, isn’t all that different from the adventures and risks I took back then.

This road trip is taking me in a different direction of course, one more inward than out.  But, in a way, it is allowing me to grow bigger while the world appears to be smaller with each and every step.

And, in much the same way, I am making my way through this head/heart/body & soul road trip by sensing and seeing and asking for directions.

In the process, I have cleaned up my food act, learned to meditate, traded cookies for green smoothies, and powered through yoga.

I have discovered I shop for emotional reasons far beyond my conscious awareness.

But, more than anything, I am learning how to touch the surface of my soul and hear the voice of my mother again.  Like the tip of an iceberg there is still so much more to discover.

Who would have thought not shopping could bring me so many riches?

And, that thought alone, makes the light bulb inside my head go Cling! Ping! Ding! Whoosh! Whack.

Day 295: trick or treat, smell my feet

22 Oct

There are a few things I took home from the spa this week.

For one, the lovely lavender scented body lotion, shampoo and body wash samples.
For two, a life’s lesson in the soul.

And, finally, (leave it to me!) the brand new pair of shoes that comes standard with each hotel room.

Hey, they were free, and comfy, and totally packable, and beach ready, and, and…

I can make excuses all day long about why I need a new pair of shoes.
Even those that are complementary.

But, I have to say, when I wear these shoes and look down at my feet, all I see is relaxation, peaceful serenity and a small bit of bliss.  It’s like a mini transport back to the spa, with my toes poking out.

If shoes are what cushion our path, then I must admit, I am pretty satisfied wearing these rubber soles that reek of lavender on my feet.

I might just keep them around for those times when stress inevitably sets in.  What a gentle reminder to take a deep breathe, relax and be mindful.

As the saying goes…

Trick or treat.
Smell my feet.

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