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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 152 :: blissful day

6 Jun
Hot beautiful day here in the Northwest. With a full day of bliss. Flowers, Tennis, and drawing with two little girls.

These are the precious souvenirs that we will take home. Drawn by the hands of little girls.

Blissful. Priceless. Keepsakes.

More tomorrow.

  {happy summer}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 341 :: photos from seattle

7 Dec

Somehow we found sun in Seattle. 

Usually I write more, photo less. But tonight, since the SUN was so amazing today in Seattle I am just sharing some pics from Pikes Market.

Including a golden pig, ferris wheel ride, Mt. Rainier, beautiful blue water and blue skies over a Seattle skyline.

Oh, yes, and some cold, cold weather.
But it was worth the shivers to see this city under a bright sunny sky.
A GIFT really.

Speaking of gifts, today my gift went to Jaynane.
Because it’s hard to leave Pike Market and not buy a souvenir.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{what was your gift today?}

Day 204: barges, i would like to sail with you

23 Jul

Last night we snapped this photo from the rocks of Menemsha. 
As the sun set on the ocean this old Girl Scout camp fire song played through my head:

Out of my window looking through the night
I can see the barges’ flickering light
Silently flows the river to the sea
And the barges they go silently…

Barges I would like to go with you
I would like to sail the ocean blue
Barges have you treasure in your hold
Do you fight with pirates brave and bold

We were celebrating more than the sun setting on a beautiful Vineyard night; we were also toasting the good news of Justin’s cousin who just found out he will have an interview with Harvard.

After the sun’s final curtain came down and the applause ended we finished our celebratory champagne and walked to one of the little seafood shacks to grab some dinner.

Inside the little seafood store where live lobsters pile on top of each other waiting for their ultimate sale, including Lobsterzilla (the largest living lobster I have ever seen) were t-shirts, mugs, magnets, what have you, emblazoned with logos, Vineyard mementos and other items to buy showing proof you have indeed been there, done that.

I looked over the merchandise as I waited for our seafood dinner.
It would be fun to have a pink little t-shirt to remember Lobsterzilla.  It would be cool to have a koozie with a printed Vineyard map within hands reach.  It would be fabulous to take home the Vineyard refrigerator magnets and to sport a little hemp tied bracelet too.  All to commemorate a beautiful night.

As I looked over all the merchandise it occurred to me that I already had treasures in my hold.

And my treasures I will happily keep:
One melodic campfire song running through my head, a photo series of ships at sea and a “kodak” moment capturing the glee of someone’s dream as he popped the cork on a bottle of champagne.

They will all gather in my mind to mark the day the sun set on Menemsha, we toasted family, and good news, and future plans.

While I didn’t buy a souvenir I took home memories that I will treasure just the same. Maybe more.

Out of my window looking through the night
I can see the barges’ flickering light
Starboard shines green and port is glowing red
You can see them flickering far ahead

Barges I would like to go with you
I would like to sail the ocean blue
Barges have you treasure in your hold
Do you fight with pirates brave and bold

Day 138: pop quiz!

18 May

Pop Quiz!

(Aren’t these fun?)

If you were to fill up one box with the items you need to have with you, around you, for you … what would you choose?

I have been thinking a lot about what I am grateful for in my life.

I owe some of this in part to attending my college reunion and reflecting on the last 15 years of my life.  At the same time we are packing up our Naples apartment and getting ready to head back to Martha’s Vineyard for the summer.

There is something quite magical about touching everything I own, splitting up what goes and what stays, placing it in boxes and knowing it won’t see the light of day for half a year.

It makes me wonder, just what do I really need?
And, what do I need with me?

There are the books I want to read but haven’t cracked open yet.  The clothes and shoes I want to wear, the keepsakes and jewelry and photos I want with me and not in some box in a storage unit for the summer months.

And then there are the precious items that fall into a category all their own.

Like the straw angel my mother gave me in college with a note that told me I would always have her with me.

I can’t just box that up!
But, in reality, do I really need to tote it around with me for the summer?

Today’s random pop quiz is this….

You get one box ~ one box only.
What goes in?
What stays out?

Before you answer, you may want to think about what feeds your head and your heart.

As for me, the angel’s in. 
It’s my little souvenir of faith that there is an angel up there watching over me.
And, sometimes, no matter where I am, that’s all I need to know.

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