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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 215 kindness

26 Aug

Seeing stars.

One of Pup’s favorite things is riding in the car. A car ride. It brings him so much joy. However…. today…. I think we found something even better.

A Pupachino. From Starbucks. You can see the live video here.

He loved it. And, thanks to the guys at Starbucks, it was the perfect act of kindness, for a pup named Pup.

More tomorrow….


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29 Aug

back to life

Day 236: One more.

There is one more leg of our journey and then we are home.
Vacation is over.  We are back to reality.

And I want one more.
One more day of vacation.
One more chance to water ski.
One more dip in Lake Powell.
One more large dinner with family.
One more sunny day.

There are so many “one mores” to want and wish for that I’m thinking that might be the sign of a once in a lifetime vacation.

Wanting one more.

More tomorrow.

{one more}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 186 :: a walk in the park

11 Jul

Day 186: New paths.

Want to go for a walk with me?

Wasn’t that fun?!
Lesson of the day: Sometimes you have to take the road less travelled. Even when you are walking home from Starbucks.

More tomorrow.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 171 oh, dear

25 Jun

Day 171: Walk this way.

Starbucks has many things. Coffee. Mocha. Music. And tonight, live wildlife.
Walking through the drive through.

It’s amazing what you see while walking. On foot.
Oh, dear.

And now… a little yoga for these two feet that walked a few miles.

More tomorrow.

{walk this way}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 309 :: blissful red cup

9 Nov

Today’s bliss…a red cup

Yes, that’s right. A red cup from Starbucks. Say what you will…. but it was bliss. It was also 4:52AM… so there’s that too.

Now it’s 12:24AM CST… 10:24PM my time. By my account it’s time for bed.
And that, right now, sounds like bliss.

More tomorrow. 

{night night}

GIFT DAY 099 30-day gratitude challenge: day 23: greening up my diet

9 Apr

Day 23 over here of the 30-Day Gratitude Challenge.

What are you grateful for today?As for me, I’m going into my first week of an official Alkaline Diet.

And so far, I am grateful for the results I can see with my own two eyes:

1) My skin has cleared up, acne dried up!

2) My energy has increased, little by little, each day.

3) My pH is more alkaline (according to those little sticks I pee on — seriously)

What all this means is I now drink lemon water out of my Starbucks cup!I love my cool cup that Justin gave me. And, while it may scream COFFEE on the outside, on the inside it’s all LEMON WATER.(which is free I might add!)  

Some have asked, and here’s the official response:

Q:  How is a lemon alkaline? I thought lemon was acidic.

A:  Lemons are acid based, coming in at around 2.0 on the pH scale. But, once a lemon is ingested it creates an ALKALINE ASH inside the digestive tract of the stomach.

So what counts isn’t on the outside — it’s on the inside.

Alkaline is considered anything above 7 pH.

Turns out adding a lemon to your water is one of the best ways to alkalinize your body. 

I am reading up on this new way of eating, which really, isn’t all that different from my previous pledge to be sugar/coffee/gluten free. In general, it means eating very little to no meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, processed foods, white sugar, white flour, and caffeine.

Here are my latest reads if you want to follow along: 

I love the recipes in these books, and as I RE-enter the kitchen (AGAIN) I am left wondering: 


I swear it’s an organized coup, or a concerted effort of some mastermind group somewhere.

“We need to sell more white pepper!” I hear them calling.

Regardless, I’m not surprised to learn, after all these years, that it’s still what is on the inside that counts.

Now, where can I find some sumac, spelt flour and spirulina?

More tomorrow.

Lovemore (fearless),
{Good gracious! What are you grateful for? Spill the beans in the comments section below.}

GIFT DAY 008: paying it forward and random acts of giving

8 Jan

starbucks, jamie eslinger, thepromise365.com, thepromisedaily.com

My gift yesterday was coffee.  

As I walked into our local Starbucks, my mind flashed back to the story of a little boy named Jayden Lamb.

I recently heard about this nine-year old cancer patient from Midland Michigan.   

He earned his angel wings on November 27, 2012 right before he told his father that he would never get married, because…

“God needs me more, I was your angel before I was born.” 

After his funeral, his parents were so moved by the love and support they received from the community they walked into a Starbucks and bought coffee for the next person in line, with a note that said: 

“Paying it Forward, Jayden-Style.”

It spurred a chain reaction that has hit everywhere from Michigan to California, and it was so inspiring Jayden was listed as one of Yahoo’s 12 Most Inspirational Stories of 2012.

So yesterday, I payed it forward Jayden-Style. 

Except I didn’t have anything to write on or leave a note. I just asked the barista to add a cup of coffee to my ticket and give it to the next person in line.

The barista grinned at me and said, “Sure! We do this all the time.”

“Really?” I asked back.

“Yes, it happens all the time in the Drive-Thru. Sometimes the line of paying it forward continues for hours at a time.”

And that made me smile. 

Really, isn’t it that easy?

More tomorrow.
P.S. My gift of the day today is to pay it forward to you!  The first person to write “Paying it forward – Jayden Style” on the comment section of today’s blog post gets a free cup of coffee at Starbucks from me.  And we ALL get to remember the inspiring life of Jayden.
P.P.S. Did you sign into The Promise Daily yet? More goodies there.

Day 315: lovemore monday :: an open letter to the young woman in starbucks

12 Nov

As you know, I entered this year determined to be fearless. But, I don’t want more fear or less in my life.  I want more love.  So I made up a new word, lovemore!   That’s why Lovemore Mondays are here.

Today’s Lovemore Monday is a letter.

In fact, this is an open letter to the young woman sitting next to me at Starbucks tonight.

Dear beautiful, young woman:

I want you to know this:
You are more than the captain of your soccer team,
student government leader,
academic all star…

“Do you want to be a big fish in small pond or a small fish in a big pond?”

I cringed when the man interviewing you for college asked you this question — and so many other questions that just don’t seem to matter in life.

“How will you differentiate yourself?”


I wanted to grab a hard-backed Starbucks chair, run over to your table and plop down right next to you.

To his silly, antiquated questions, I wanted to sing:

What do you totally, absolutely love?
What do you love to do in your spare time?
What flips you out?
What makes you cringe?
What humongous, crazy, totally outlandish, big, fat, wild dream do you have for yourself?

What makes you, YOU?
What will you never, ever, give up because you love it so much?
What makes you want to dance? sing? run? laugh until your sides hurt?

No matter where you go to college, no matter what school or club you go to, get kicked out of or never fit into…

You have YOU.
And that, my dear, is the most precious gift of all.
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Oh, yeah… and one more thing:

No matter what college accepts you — follow your heart.

All my best wishes for a fantastic life,

From The Stranger Who Believes In You

P.S. You can do anything.

Day 263: do you have willpower to turn down starbucks?

20 Sep

I love coffee shops and not just for the coffee.

There is something exhilarating about the vibe of music, the hum of coffee grinders, the buzz of customers.  It makes me feel like I am SOMEWHERE, even when my head has taken a nose dive into my computer screen and I sequester myself off into my own java corner.

Today was no exception.
While working at Starbucks in Chestnut Hill (after a dentist appointment to FINALLY get that chip in my tooth fixed and crossing my fingers that it holds this time) I sat at one of the little circle tables with my computer screen wide open.

I sensed someone standing over me and hesitated to looked up.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear
a barista with a green apron and free samples held dear

“Would you like to try a sample of our new Salted Caramel Mocha?”

Oh. Would. I.
As she stood there with a bright happy smile on her face I held a grimace on mine.  Um, what do I say to this lovely free offer? For a moment I sat frozen, jarred by her offer, stuck between my promise and a sweet place.

The evil Jamie voice inside me popped up and prodded — Who would know if you just snuck in a little drink? 

And, then, the good Jamie voice gently inquired — Now just how much sugar do you think is that salted caramel mocha sweetheart?

Then the voice of Dr. Katz, who spoke at the IIN Conference this weekend, popped into my head — knowledge is not power, knowing what is the matter really isn’t the matter. We need knowledge and the effort to translate it into the way. 

What he meant is simple to understand.
We have known for a very long time that food is medicine.  And, by long time I mean 460 BC – 370 BC, the time of Hippocrates. “Let food be thy medicine.”

But, given the state of our collective disease, obesity, illness and our national health crisis, it seems that knowledge is not power.

“Would you like to try a sample of our new Salted Caramel Mocha?”
I chose knowledge and willpower — and said no.

Day 13: seeing red

13 Jan

I passed this red coat in the window of Max Mara today and literally stopped in my tracks.

I was drawn to it.  My eyes caught a glimpse of that little red spark of intrigue and my heart jumped for joy.

Me likey.

Since that moment I have wondered: Why did I have such a visceral reaction to a coat?
Here’s what I’ve come up with:

It was a cold day in Naples, Florida.
I can’t complain while the rest of the country was pummeled with snow we received a slightly breezy and temperate 55 degrees. Brrrrrr! (not complaining)

There’s also something intriguing about the mismatched lapels.
It’s a design note that screams: I am creative. I am an individual. I am bold.

Here’s the play-by-play of what happened in my body:
My skin noticed the dip in temperature. My eyes spotted the coat. My heart pumped faster and my mind developed a feature-length fantasy of me walking through the open air mall in a beautiful, red, woolly work of art.

All of this in less than 5 seconds.
It was totally subconscious.

Let’s rewind a bit. This is really what happened:
I had tons of work to do and my day was perfectly scheduled. I planned to go to the early morning yoga class, then pump out a ton of work and do my afternoon calls. However, when I woke up this morning, my MacBook Pro wouldn’t turn on.

Plans ruined.
I skipped the yoga class, didn’t eat and hurried to the Apple Store.  Waited forever in line for my “appointment” with the Genius Bar, watched as they most effortlessly worked their magic and continually rebooted my computer. Once out of the throws of Apple Land, I rushed to find a spot at Starbucks to plug in and crank out at least something productive before my 2pm call.
Foiled! Starbucks was busy, all seats taken.

I left the mall in a scurry to uncover a Plan B, and that is when I saw…

A promise of comfort, ease, and warmth.
The wearer of this coat must always be on time, on schedule and totally put together, with no computer delays. Lines and hassles surely disappear in an instant when this coat arrives on the scene.

It was a fantastic fix for my rushed reality.
And, I’m not buying it.  At least not this year.

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