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Day 328: the right stuff or too much stuff!

25 Nov

If ever there was something to test my lovemore attitude, it’s packing.
And moving.

We awoke in Jacksonville after the most amazing birthday celebration for Justin (6 months late!) at the Eddie Vedder concert.  Eddie played solo for 2 and 1/2 hours last night with a little duet or two with Glen Hansard. AMAZING.

As one headline wrote: Eddie Vedder proves to Jacksonville crowd that a ukulele can rock

It was pretty incredible — and that’s coming from a girl who usually passes on concerts just to avoid getting beer spilled on her clothes. Sad but true.

We then drove six hours to Naples, only to spend the day in our storage unit….. PACKING.


For a girl who gave up shopping for one entire year, I have a lot of stuff. And stuff. And stuff. The question is: is it the right stuff?

Signing off for the night……

Trying to keep my lovemore attitude. 







Day 129: time to lighten up

9 May

It’s that time of year again.
Time to lighten up.

We are packing for the Great Migration North.

We unloaded the storage unit today and I spent hours making piles of clothing to donate to Good Will.

But Brady thought otherwise.
He assumed all the clothing piles were an effort to build him his very own nest.

It’s amazing how much STUFF we collect in less than a year.

It’s also amazing how much stuff I can hold on to for many, many years — as if tossing or donating would throw away part of myself.

The editing process is so powerful.
In the act of making piles, counting sweaters, and tallying up shoes, I found something we collected this winter that I am not willing to throw away.

Mark four legs and two puppy dog eyes for the keep pile.


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