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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 48 :: snow day

18 Feb

We woke up to snow this morning. A slight dusting across the land leaving everything white capped and wintery. Even the flowers that are poking up out the ground outside my window.

They have delicate little yellow bulbs waiting to open. I worried about them today. But the truth is, Mother Nature knows best.

And those little delicate flowers probably know exactly what to do to survive a February snow and when to do it. Much like I think we all do. We all know what to do deep down in our heart of hearts. There is always that truth.  The heart truth.   

So I will keep watching those flowers out my window. And hope the sun will come out tomorrow to warm them back up.

And… In my heart, I already know it will.

More tomorrow…


{heart joy}

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GIFT DAY 043: whew, what a day!

12 Feb

We left the icicles of Westford today to return to our little beach house.

icicles, jamie eslinger, the promise 365, thepromisedaily.com
Who knew the beach could be so exciting in winter?
There have been days of pure gorgeous sunlight bouncing off the waves.There have been amazing sights and sounds, including the swan that frequently visits (I think we should name him!)…To the neighborhood dogs that roam the beach for their daily walk.

The all the HEART ROCKS we’ve been searching for…

There have been snow storms, hurricanes, Nor’easters, and now… a record setting BLIZZARD.

Who knew it would be so fun?
Now that we are back at the house, I am so happy we did NOT stay to watch all the action.I would have been terrified to watch the ocean tear the front stairs off the house.I would have cried myself or wet myself — or both.

As much as I learned last year about being FEARLESS, this is just one activity I didn’t need to participate in — especially since we had a choice.

And, don’t we always? Usually?  Most of the time?Here’s a few before and after shots from the house tonight.
no steps at all  snow doorI’ll share more tomorrow in the daylight.See if you can pick out where the stairs were previously located!More tomorrow.

{Can you see the lack of stairs in this photo?}


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