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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 327 :: happy thanksgiving

23 Nov

I’m feeling stuffed.
With love.
And that’s the best kind of thankful on the night of Thanksgiving. 

What a great way to kick off the holiday season. A season of light and love. Family and friends. Food and flavors. Moments and memories.

Is there a bigger call for kindness?
Happy Thanksgiving.

More tomorrow…



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Day 188: stuffed

7 Jul

I am so stuffed.
And bloated.

Justin and I just ate at the venerable Alehouse with our beloved friend Ethan. I ordered a Greek Salad and forgot to 86 the Feta cheese. Turns out my stomach is as sensitive to dairy as my nose is to cantaloupe.

It’s not easy being green.
But it sure makes it easy to order food these days, mostly because I am relegated to the salad section of the menu.  Plus there’s a bonus when you eat out with me!  My stomach is now a fine-tuned machine communicating exactly what it doesn’t like (read: embarrassing grumbling noises and that stuff that comes after the “bloating” otherwise known as the “calm before the storm”).  Yeah, I’m a real party.

Big mistake.  Kind of wish this would have happened tomorrow so it would qualify as a bona fide F*ing Friday.

After dinner we made our way to The Black Dog retail store which I just can’t get enough of these days sans Pup Aiken.  Amongst all the black dogs (shirts, shorts, basketballs, hats, umbrellas, golf bags, flip flops) I completely fell for this little stuffed brown pup.

How much is that doggy in the window!??

Although this stuffed pup is pretty cuddly and cute, I know it’s just a stand in for the real thing. So I’m not buying it.

The good new is we hope to bring Pup home next week to enjoy the dog days of summer.  And, that gives me a pretty sunny outlook ~ even if my summer menu doesn’t include ice cream.

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