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Day 99: teaching old dog new tricks (or treat!)

8 Apr

New tricks this week.

Not talking about my two dogs tonight, but rather myself — this old dog (me) typing right now.

Just this week I went on a new assignment — or on consignment, rather.

I drove by a local consignment store and a lightbulb went off in my head — aha!
Now I know what to do with all the clothes dear Holly Getty helped me edit out of my closet.

I waltzed inside the True Fashionistas store with piles of clothing in my arms, only to be totally shocked when the woman behind the counter carefully folded each item and put them in a pile, looked up at me through her dark rimmed glasses and said “No” — she didn’t need them.

Including two brand new pairs of Joe’s Jeans!

Apparently, she only wanted summer things: tops, shorts and such.
Apparently, I had mostly winter things: jackets, jeans and such.

In the end, she did take three items.
So, now, I am officially on consignment.

As I waited for my paperwork to be filled out I turned around and noticed a long black dress hanging on the rack behind me.

Hum… it was long.
And, Holly did tell me she wanted to see me in long dresses

So, I tried it on.

Three minutes later I bought this White House | Black Market number for $14.00.

It’s long! It’s fun! And, it fits with my style points that Holly helped me discover: significant, creative and expressed. 

The woman helping me said that it just came into the store fifteen minutes before I arrived — as if it were waiting for me.

As for the jeans?
I’m selling them on eBay.

And, who knows?
My items sitting on the consignment rack just might pay for this new long number if they sell in the next 120 days.

Maybe you can teach an old dog a new trick (or at least give her a treat!). 

Day 104: one small change changes everything

14 Apr

What’s your style?
Do you remember Day 14 when Holly Getty gave me my style points?

In case you weren’t with me then, it is Holly’s signature service, and a really amazing visualization technique she guides you through to uncover three very powerful words.

Each word stands for something very personal and empowering that you apply to your wardrobe.

Here again, are my three words:
Naturally Glamorous.

After being fully immersed in this 2-week cleanse, I am ready to apply these three words, not just to my wardrobe, but to my insides and my body too.

As Mama Sling always said:
It is what’s inside that counts.

Just ask Stonyfield Farms and Deepak Chopra.
Tonight, I listened to the live conversation Deepak hosted with a few experts around how chemicals are changing the foods we eat.

Pretty scary statistics like:
Babies born today (no matter where) already have 287 chemicals in their tissues.
41% of us will be diagnosed with cancer

The points they made were saddening and a bit scary.
Like 23 million pounds of toxic herbicides will be sprayed in communities across the country, for the first time ever, and annually thereafter, if USDA allows open and widespread planting of GE alfalfa.

The good news:
In true Deepak style, the night was dedicated to solutions, not just highlighting the fear of the problem.

There is hope in actions everyone can take to reverse the issue.

The easy solution?
To help reduce intake of foods with pesticides make one small change in your life: buy at least one more item “organic” ~ meaning switch at least one of your current purchases to the Organics aisle.

And that makes me think:
Isn’t it always one small change that changes everything?

Looks like my style points not only apply to my clothes, and body, but also my food. And, I would love for them to apply to our planet too.

Here’s wishing you a world that is loved, bright and naturally glamorous.


P.S. If you want to see more, learn more, or do more, you can check out the links below:

To learn more go to Center for Food Safety http://nogmoalfalfa.org/

If you need more reasons to buy organic, and to get a really bad song with a good message in your head, watch Stonyfield CEO Gary Hirshberg and the Stonyfield Moms video:

Day 14: three secret words

14 Jan

I had the most amazing experience today.

My style points were uncovered by the talented Holly Getty.

Last week, after I wrote about Holly’s professional shopping tips she offered to do my “style points”.

Fabulous! I thought. I’m so excited! Bring it on!
Wait. What’s a style point?

I didn’t really know what I was getting into or what this process was all about.
Turns out, it was closet-changing.

Through a really amazing visualization technique Holly guided me to three very powerful words.  Each word stands for something very personal and empowering. I couldn’t possibly do the process justice by writing about it here.

But, I do know this: I will never look at my closet the same again.

Each of these words holds a nugget of intelligence that far surpasses any advice I have ever read in a magazine. It is more empowering than tips on how to conceal a pear shape, apple shape or any other fruit you may be dressing.

Want to know my three secret words?

Here are my style points …drum roll please:

Naturally Glamorous

They probably mean nothing to anyone else. But they represent the world to me.
Possibly because they come from inside instead of covering up the outside.

Next up: I want to clean out my closet and uncover the clothes that represent each of these style points. So I can feel as loved, bright and naturally glamorous as possible every day!

Thank you Holly.

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