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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 142 :: monday sunny monday

23 May

Day 142: Sun sunny shine.

Happy Monday. I waited all day for the sun to come out. And then it did. Right before nightfall. Such a Monday tease.

And I am reminded that summer is close. We are closer than we think. There will be a day where summer pops. Just like that, she’s here, just like today, where she showed up.

And… all the flowers will follow.

And that is me, showing up tonight.
Happy Monday. Yoga next!

More tomorrow.

{showing up?}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 215 :: summer bliss

9 Aug
Friends. Family. And a little escape. It all adds up to slice of Summer Bliss. That feeling of wanting to stretch a weekend into a week or a beautiful moment into forever. And I have to say there’s something magical about an island.

Summer goes by way too fast and before I know it, I wake up and find it’s over. So I’m soaking up this moment that is now a memory.

As Dr. Suess said…
“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

More tomorrow.
 {what is your summer bliss?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 173 :: triple chocolate ice cream

27 Jun
Holy hot sauce! It’s a scorcher. The car read 111 degrees today when I was out running errands. One hundred and eleven degrees!

Which was enough for me to take a nap…. sometimes it’s the only thing that makes unbearable heat in an air-conditioned room go away.

…until Brady decided to wake me up.

So now I’m eating ice cream. Triple chocolate ice cream. Cause a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.

And on a hot summer day, that’s bliss.

More tomorrow. 

  {what’s your summer bliss?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 166 :: flowers and summer salad

20 Jun
Summer is officially here. And that alone brings me buckets of bliss. Like the hydrangeas blooming outside the door:  

And the lettuce cut straight from the garden:

and fresh raspberries too:

It’s a summer salad!

Summer is here, we are halfway through the year and I’m starting to get the hang of this bliss thing. I have the No Complaint Challenge to thank.

While I still haven’t made it to the requisite 21 days, I have learned much. In some odd way bliss is exactly the opposite of complaining, which the more I try not to complain I see how it is really an act of putting up a barrier, pointing out differences, seeing otherness. Separation.

Whereas bliss is different. Bliss more like…Appreciating. Allowing. Receiving. Joining in. Finding solutions. Accepting what is over what is not.

And I believe there’s a word that sums that up….

More tomorrow.

{what do you appreciate about summer?}


JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 154 :: summer camp bliss

8 Jun

I changed up my day today. Mostly because we are visiting family and “on the road” up here in the Northwest. I woke up to yoga. Worked a full day. Got sprayed with surprise sprinklers as I sat outside on a conference call. Played a set of late afternoon tennis. And enjoyed an outdoor picnic with fresh rhubarb crisp!

Tonight as we ate dinner outside under the cover of a summer cherry tree I said, “Today felt like summer camp.”

Then I thought in my head, “I wish everyday was like summer camp.” (And, that technically was not a complaint….it was a wish… right?).

Then I realized everyday can be like Summer Camp. Because Summer Camp is now. Summer Camp is present. Summer Camp in my mind is the total and sheer excitement of enjoying every single second, and anticipating every single next second with nothing but pure joy. (Minus a few bug bites.)

And that’s when I realized it.

It’s bliss. In it’s purest form. Hitting the tennis ball. Typing on my computer. Get sprayed with sprinklers. Biting into vanilla ice cream and rhubarb crisp. Soaking in every second for what it is. Allowing the next one to be even better.

It’s so simple even a child can spot it a campground away.
Summer. Presence. Right Now. Bliss.

More tomorrow.


  {what are you experiencing right now?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 134 :: before and after – grow, grow, grow

19 May

Today’s bliss report….the garden is officially in.



Okay garden….Bring it on!

Grow… grow… grow…

More tomorrow.

  {what are you planting?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 33 :: snow day!

2 Feb
So, I made it to Chicago. And all I have to say is… SNOW DAY!

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. So much snow from east to midwest and back again. This is definitely bliss for someone out there who loves winter…. but it wasn’t bliss conditions for travel.

But I’m here! I made it. Snow falls but Bliss on.

More tomorrow.

 {winter or summer?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 243 :: the final haul of summer

31 Aug

So the summer is almost over. It’s quite hard to believe. And yet, I am so relieved to be on this side of a long hot summer. Literally and physically and emotionally and spiritually …and surgically. 

Tonight as we brought in the garden’s gorgeous goods I wondered…is this the final haul of summer? Will there be more?

And what’s next?

There is something beautiful about the season changing right before my eyes. The last flowers hanging onto summer’s brilliant colors remind me of where I’ve been. The leaves starting to blow up and out of the trees rev up something inside of me about where I’m going next.

I suppose that’s what makes the season changing so thrilling.
Not really knowing what’s next, only anticipating what’s to come.

More tomorrow. 


 {what’s next?}

Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 200 :: watching over summer tomatoes

19 Jul

We are more than halfway through the year, and in the height of ONE HOT summer.

The 100-degree heat is good for sweating off some unwanted pounds and producing some beautiful vegetables. I swear you could grow anything here on the left coast — it’s so sunny and hot, just add water.

And just look at these tomatoes I picked today!

I mean honestly! I still have no idea what I’m doing in the garden. I have no idea what makes these things grow. We just water the ground and it sprouts.

The corn in the garden is now taller than me. The tomatoes have created their own kingdom of vines. The celery is turning into towers and the kale looks like its own radar tower shooting out of the ground floor.

I would love to take credit for any of it, but I cannot. Justin turns on the water at night. I wake up in the morning and look at the green jungle in awe. It is literally growing before my eyes.

It is Mother Nature’s Peak Performance.

I do nothing except pick and harvest and talk to the little flowering buds.

Sometimes I sing to them. It’s really a function of being a highly outgoing individual who is socially starved of the intellectual connections she once knew in a land called Boston.

There, in Beantown, I would discuss the fate of humanity, the economic crisis, politics, business and the outcome of every Red Sox game.

But, here, on this coast, it is just too hot to think intellectually. My mind is focused on how to cool down the house, when to open the windows and when to turn the air conditioner on for maximum ice box potential. P.S. On this coast nobody really cares about the Red Sox.

So I watch my tomatoes grow. And in some simply beautiful way, it seems there really is nothing more important in the world that making sure somebody watches over them, makes sure they are sung to, and picks them at just the right ripe moment.

And that makes me think, in some odd way, if everyone just took care of their own tomatoes there might be more than just fresh food in the world.

There might be a bit more singing. And salsa.

More tomorrow.

{who do you sing to?}

Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 196 :: blueberry watermelon mint swirl

13 Jul

It’s hot here. Over 100 degrees and counting. This week we are projected to hit 106 degrees and be in or close to the 100’s for the next few weeks. While the rest of the country seems to be ready for storms, winds and rain.

While everyone is bracing for whatever pattern is coming their way, we are swirling up a storm over here. Or, I should say Justin is…

Tonight he created a blueberry watermelon swirl with mint.

And thank goodness, because it is so refreshing and we are melting.  It was just the right kind of cool, cool beauty to sip on.

More tomorrow.

{what did you sip on today?}
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