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Day 249: hint, hint … roll up your car windows

6 Sep

On this first day of the post Labor Day weekend, what some would call the official demarcation of FALL — we woke up to sheets of rain falling from the sky.

Lots of rain.
Many, many, buckets of rain.

Which would have been completely refreshing if I had not left the sunroof wide open on my car and all the windows down because yesterday was a beautiful, bright, sunshiny day.

This morning, not so much sun.
Way more rain.

And, THAT, would not be so terrible except that I have done it before.  Last time it was snow.  About six inches of snow.  Do you know what six inches of snow looks like sitting in your drivers seat?

Today, I drove around all day, in between errands, with the heat turned up to a full blast 90 degrees, hoping to dry up the water.

I suppose the lesson in all of this, for my head, is, to some degree to remember to roll up car windows, and then again, maybe it is to remember to check the weather report.

Maybe still, for my heart, the lesson is to enjoy the sun while it shines but prepare for changing winds and sweeping rains, just in case they arrive.

Or, maybe …it is simply to roll up car windows.

No matter the lesson, it was a good excuse to wear my rain boots.



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