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Day 35: a love letter to tom brady

4 Feb

Tonight continues my commitment to more love and less fear this year.  For February, I am focusing on love with a month of love letters.  Tonight’s is dedicated to the man of the hour. 

Dear Tom Brady: 

I knew you when you were so young.

I walked the same halls with you at the University of Michigan — me, in my sports marketing internship role and you, in your fight to earn a starting position with the team.  In the end, you won your special spot and it was glorious to watch your success.

I have followed you since then, or rather, it seems you have followed me, moving to Boston just after I did.

Regardless, of who followed whom, I know you have always been a fighter.
Your tenacity is admirable.  Your focus is laser sharp.  Your passion for the game is obvious.

But, that’s not why I am writing this love letter to you tonight.  Rather, I am asking you to do something for all us longtime observers and fans  — because we know what you are capable of!

Is it too much to ask for a win in this XLVI game?

Sure, I have some personal interests at sake, as I live with a man that plans his life around Patriot Football.  Nothing would make him happier than seeing your success.

And, yes, the wounds are still raw from the last time your team met New York’s in a Super Bowl finale.

No, I don’t need to point out that the entire New England region is hanging on the edge of its seat for this game — even Boston South (that’s what I like to call Naples, Florida) is dripping with anticipation.

But, really, I just want you to know this:
You are loved, you are meant to play this game and you can do it.  Because you can do anything.

And, we will be right here rooting for you.

Jamie (and, it goes without saying, Patriot Nation)

P.S. Since you are a man who can appreciate breaking records, I must share that I just broke a record myself — this is Post #400 of The Promise 365.  Yay!

Day 22: it’s your lucky year

22 Jan

Tomorrow begins the Year of The Dragon and the Chinese New Year.  There will be much celebration.  Tomorrow also marks Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year.

One stands for luck.
The other represents a moody, depressed, hide-in-bed-with-covers-over-your-head kind of existence.

How can these two diabolically opposed ideas be the same day?
I suppose it depends on if you see the glass (or rather — the day) as half-full or half-empty.

Maybe it depends on what side of the field you sit.

Today, everyone in my household was focused on luck, huddled around the television watching men in tights run an odd-shaped ball up and down a 100-yard field.   Luck was top of mind (actually PRAYING was top of mind) as the New England Patriots barely pulled out a win and landed a place in Super Bowl XLVI.

But, it was close. They almost lost, many, many times.

And that got me thinking…
What would happen if we always focused on the lucky side of the equation?  When we win.  And, when we lose.

Isn’t that, indeed, love?

Wherever you sit on the field tonight, I wish you a Blue Monday full of roses.
And, I wish you a Year of The Dragon full of luck.

As they say in Mandarin: 
Gong Xi Fa Ca!
  — “wishing you prosperity”

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