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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 140 kindness is…

23 May


I have been reflecting on the perfection of imperfections. Being perfectly imperfect. Mostly because of a table that we painted.

I love to paint furniture. It makes me happy. Especially if it has good “bones” that a color will bring out. We found a table that had good bones. An oak specimen that needed a little love. It was free. It was a perfect painter.

Fifty dollars later… we have a perfectly imperfect table.  It was almost perfect when we brought it inside. Painted Colonial Red and shiny bright we placed it in the living room. Then I noticed a small spot on the corner that needed to be touched up.

We tried to fix the spot and ruined a full corner.

The next day, we dragged it outside and resprayed the entire top. The paint immediately blistered and peeled away, causing the entire top of the table to be ruined. I mean RUINED.

It was almost perfect. Then we ruined it. Twice. So I went to the store and bought the one magical paint fix I know of — Killz Primer. I proceeded to not only paint a new coat of primer on the table, I also sang to it.

As I looked at the blistered Colonial Red table I kept thinking of kindness. What would be the kindest thing I could do to this table? It seemed the only trick I had left was to love it. Thus, the singing.

It worked. The table is back to functional.

The table now sits back inside. A little bumpy. A little streaked in all the wrong places. She is perfectly imperfect. And she has taught me a very valuable lesson in kindness: know the difference between a small spot and big issue. And being perfectly imperfect!

More tomorrow….


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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 319 :: little miss turquoise

17 Nov

As promised here’s a shot of the finished table as it dries (Brady photo bomb included). Of course it’s not really finished… nothing ever is…

But it’s a good start.

Now she just needs time to dry…. and I kind of like that. Because we all need time to dry if you will, time to age into our best beauty or second chance at a new color… maybe before we hit our peak performance?

So, while little Miss Turquoise here isn’t ready for show time quite yet she is primed to set into her new coat of paint before she begins a new useful life with us.

(If we can keep Brady out of the kitchen!)

And that makes me think that maybe peak performance isn’t a one time shot. It’s not a destination, rather a state of being, a continuous state of mind.

More tomorrow. 

 {what do you need time to do?}

Day 320: happily ever after all

16 Nov

I love a good fairytale.

How can you not love an ugly duckling who turns into a swan?
Or a frog that turns up a prince with a magic kiss?

Or the dumpster dive that turns into a bona fide dining room table!

Before: scratched, burnt, dinged, scraped and taped

There were many times in this painting project that I almost gave up.
It was a FREE table after all, so why was I killing myself over it?

My back ached from bending underneath the table — a sure sign that I am no longer 21-years-old.  My face was dripping with sweat which I then rubbed off with my hand and accidentally swiped my cheek with my blue paintbrush. Then, I bent down under the table and unknowingly dipped my hair into the ENTIRE CAN of paint.

All the while, Pup is whining at me, through the sliding glass door, to be let out on HIS lanai which he didn’t understand why I had taken over.

That’s it.  
I thought to myself — I will just stop now. Call it done.  
For all I know I will just leave this stupid table at the dumpster when we pack up and leave Florida anyway.

I was ready to throw in the towel and my paintbrush when the table was screaming back at me in Smurf Blue (which is fine by the way if you have an entire decor ready for full-on Smurf Blue. But, I, do not):

So I kept going. And started listening. 
And then the table began talking to me.

It told me it didn’t want to be blue. It wanted to be ivory, the color I initially picked out.

Then it told me it wanted to be more design detailed, so I painted the trim brown.

But it kept wanting MORE.
So I painted the inset with a brown stripe too.

And, then it finally told me it was done.
Here’s an unofficial sneak peek unveiling (pre-lacquering) of the table resuscitation project.

After All:  the paint (four layers)

The details: It actually matches a set of napkins and placemats I have in a box just waiting to be set.

I believe we can do anything.

And this table is a good reminder to me to never give up — even when things get hard, hot, sweaty, frustrating or Smurfy. Especially when things get Smurfy. 

As the lacquered table sits outside and dries tonight, I find myself  feeling HAPPY with it after all.

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