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GIFT DAY 041: it’s a new week, a new day

10 Feb

The sun is out today.

We await word on our beach house, if we have power, electricity, roads that are passable.

The waiting is hard.
But isn’t it always?

Today the sun is out and pouring through the tress.

As we helped shovel snow last night I was amazed at the amount of snow around us.

It seemed impossible and impassible at first, to move even just a small amount of the THREE FEET of snow that buried us.

snow path, jamie eslinger, the promise 365, the promise daily

Three of us worked our way with shovels until finally a path emerged. Some of us worked much slower (me) than others!

But it occurred to me that each shovel had a role.

Each one of us made a difference.

I suppose that’s why it feels so heavy when we’re buried all alone — whether it’s in work, emotions, or snow.

Sometimes it just takes more than one shovel to get out.

(And even the smallest shovels make a difference.)

More tomorrow.

{Hot cocoa or hot tea? Your choice, share below in the comments section.}

Day 83: f*ing friday :: fire it up

23 Mar

It’s F*ing Friday!
I mentioned some of my favorite F words back on Day 5 in Year 1, including: Fearless, Fabulous, Fine, Fun, Faith, Freedom, Forgiveness, to name a Few.

Last week I dove into the word Free Food. 

Today’s F*ing Friday is dedicated to the word:
Fire it up.

As in, passion.

Tonight, I led a Women on Fire Tea at Cottey College.

It was significant for me because it my first time leading a Women on Fire Tea.

But, even MORE significant is the fact that the tea was for young women at my alma mater, Cottey College.

I am so impressed with and on fire about these young women.

Tonight’s tea was dedicated to Debbie Phillips ~ the founder of Women on Fire ~ who was also leading a tea in New York City at the exact same time we gathered around our table in Nevada, Missouri.

And, I think that’s the special magic of being a Woman on Fire.
To be connected, over years, miles and a mission.
To share dreams, passions, goals, yearnings and unfounded joy.
To weep, laugh and cry.
To honor and applaud each other as we all take the next step – together.

It’s somewhat ironic to me that the room where we gathered tonight was in a building called the Women’s Leadership Center.

But, it’s no surprise that floating above, throughout the entire night, shining towards us all, was a sparkling, colorful, glowing…

May we all help each other grow wings, fire it up and fly. 

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