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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 55 :: expanding within

25 Feb

Day 55. Stretch.

Tonight’s yoga was a little post-workout routine – or post-tennis for us. That’s because the sun came out and we are learning that when the sun comes out everyone rushes outside up here in the Great Northwest.

For us, today, that rush was tennis. And then a little yoga.

And I have to say, I think that is what I am learning… a little bit goes a long way. My daily yoga may not be intense but it’s building. It’s happening. I’m showing up.

And my muscles are stronger. Both the ones you can see — and the ones you cannot. Some muscles take resistance workouts to build up mass — others take conditioning: the muscles of hope, grace, joy, courage, forgiveness, love.

Every day adds up.
You are what you eat.
You become what you stretch.
You do what you do.
You are what you think.

More tomorrow.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 198 :: love-love

23 Jul

I love the beginning of tennis match. What other sport starts off with double love.

Love. Love.

Even if I run out of steam, biff, bonk and totally flop one game…. the next one starts off with love. Love. Love.

And I love that.

I love the reminder that anyone can start over. Every game is a new game. Every day is a new day. A new chance, A new opportunity.

Even if I lose. (like I did tonight) Tomorrow I can start again.
Love. Love.

More tomorrow.

  {what do you love, love?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 196 :: tennis time

21 Jul

Ah bliss….

There’s something really FUN about tennis being FUN again. Blissful really. We have been playing every night that we possibly can this summer. Partly for exercise. Partly for fun.

And partly, for me, it’s been so nice to return to the game of exercise after surgeries and what not.

My muscles are tired. My arms are sore. But my heart is full. 

Such is bliss?
I think possibly so.

More tomorrow.
  {what brings you bliss?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY :: 142 one more day

27 May
One more day over here of no complaints. The bracelet is staying on the right wrist! Small success.

But I had to stop and reflect on the day….Did I complain? Did I gossip? Did I criticize?

Tonight while playing tennis I did swear a bit.. and scream… and yell. At the ball. So I’m thinking that doesn’t count. Right….right?

Okay, so clocking in a full 1 Day, 4 Hours and 25 minutes!

Did you complain today?

More tomorrow.

  {no complaints?}

Day 284: the blessing of puppies and tennis balls

11 Oct

A funny thing happened when I became a dog owner — the perceived value of used, flat, and otherwise worn out tennis balls shot through the roof.

Balls that were previously thrown out for losing their bounce are now prized possessions for the canine set in our household — specifically Pup.  I have even seen dead, yellow balls lying outside a tennis court and actually considered bringing one home to Pup before I came to my senses.  Because, believe me, Pup needs one more tennis ball like I need one more pair of shoes.

Even still, he sure does love a good, old-fashioned used tennis ball.

Ironically, there was a time when tennis balls apparently made me angry.  Not the used kind, the brand-new, shiny, right-out-of-the-box, smelly kind.

Many years ago in fact, during a tennis lesson, the tennis pro instructing me through a proper forehand and backhand — while I smacked little yellow balls in rhythm with each spit of the ball machine — finally stopped me and said: “You have a lot of pent up anger.  You are killing that ball.”

His words stuck with me.
What did he mean by anger?  I don’t have anger.  Do I have anger? 

Looking back, I was claustrophobically trapped in a few things I didn’t really realize were choking the passion out of my beating heart; like a difficult marriage and dreary job, and a longing for more in my life, like puppies and babies and a family Christmas with gift-wrap and bows, the way it used to be when my mother was alive. 

So, tonight, it was exactly this theme that Oprah tackled, letting go of anger. One of her Lifeclass lessons asked:

Some psychologists believe anger is a reaction that occurs to help us protect ourselves from the grief that may arise if we accept a loss or disappointment. Look within yourself for anything from rage to annoyance. What’s the object of your anger?

While the object of my anger during that tennis lesson was clearly more than those helpless little yellow balls twirling through the air, it has taken me a long time to figure exactly what I was angry/fearful/sad about.

Tonight, as Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant uncovered the hidden anger in a few brave studio audience participants’ lives, I thought back to something my therapist shared with me while I was weaving my way through divorce — she pointed out that I didn’t miss the exact situation of my life, I mourned the dream of what I thought it was or could be. 

Ah, yes, the dream.
The crux of it all — where the hurt lives when the bubble bursts.

And, tonight, that is exactly where Iyanla went — straight to the hurt.  In her signature Iyanla way, she dismissed all excuses and made her “students” dig deep, to the place of hurt — asking:  Where is the fear?  Where is the hurt?  Where is the control?

When I ponder these questions, I find it ironic that the hurt, pain and control showed up in my tennis game long before they consciously showed up in my head, heart, body and soul.

As Iyanla said, anger is the easy way out.  And, I guess, for me it was a lot easier to get angry at a tennis ball than at the situation where I found myself at the time.

In her closing remarks, Iyanla asked everyone to remember just how the challenge (whatever it was or may be) has blessed you.

The answers for me are too many to count.

But I can tell you one thing: these days, I treasure old, used, slobbered on, no-bounce tennis balls over new ones.  Because new tennis balls don’t carry the teeth marks of Pup and the wag of an exuberant tail that says with each swing back and forth, “Hey you, look at me! I’m your blessing.”

Now throw me a tennis ball.

Day 21: love-love

21 Jan

My body is screaming at me.
As I sit here typing this post my legs are aching, my back is throbbing and my arms are jelly.

It feels great.

I have just finished Day 4 of a tennis marathon.
Correction: I have just lost 4 consecutive days in a row to Justin on the tennis court.

It feels fabulous!
1) Because I know I have moved my body.
2) Because I am starting to see signs of life resurface in my calf muscles.
3) Because I feel loved.

Tennis is a beautiful sport.
When I score 0 points for an entire match I still get to hear the love of my life yell “love” back in my direction.

And I love …well, love.

I am one of “those people” — you know, the kind that overuses the word love.
As in:
I love that dress!
I love these shoes!
I loooooove this mocha!

And, after playing tennis four days in a row (and losing four days in a row) I can honestly say I love losing — but only at tennis.

It’s good for my body (complete workout), heart (quality time with Justin), head (practicing sports psychology) and soul (adrenalin rush in the sunshine). Oh, yeah, I also get to wear really cute skirts!

It’s got it all.
Game. Set. Match.

So, even when I lose, it’s a win-win.
And, what’s not to love about that?

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