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Day 347: what will you give up?

13 Dec

It’s hard to believe that time has us all looking into the final days of 2011 and soon the beginning of the New Year.  It’s also hard to believe 347 days have gone by here at The Promise 365.

It seems everything is wrapping up these days.

In fact, tonight, I even watched the season finale of The Biggest Loser.

And, while I love the emotional roller coaster of that fairytale weight loss show where dreams come true on TV, I can’t help but think about that word: loser.

What does it mean to win at losing?  
Or lose to win?

Last week I learned something surprising from Nan Lu, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).  He believes that every successful diet book must have a villain — sometimes it’s carbs, or calories, or sugar or meat or a combination of foods, choosing the right ones and avoiding the bad ones.  But there is always a story of diet drama in deciding what to lose.

In his practice he avoids the term “losing weight” because it implies exactly that — you have lost something.  And, he points out that when we lose something we try to get it back.

Instead of “losing” Nan Lu encourages patients to “give up” their extra weight.

It makes me think of everything I have given up this year.
Shopping. New Clothes. New Shoes. Excess sugar. Caffeine.

And, in the process of giving up some habits that didn’t serve me well, I have made space for other activities, like: beginning to cook, writing, meditating, yoga, reading, breathing deeper and loving more.

Through all of this, I have also found a powerful magic inside myself which gives me the strength to give up something I never really knew I had — fear.

It’s amazing what can happen when you give up — there is no losing.
But, I guess, that shouldn’t surprise me, because I believe we can do anything for a year.

So, what will you give up in 2012? 

While you think that over, please know I will still be here in many ways.  In fact, I am developing my own promise for next year, and so happy to share that I will lead a virtual coaching group to help others who want to see their own promises followed through.

More on that soon… until then, sweet dreams for a New Year.


Day 318: before and after

14 Nov

Day Two of resuscitating a table.

Here is the table BEFORE (after we pulled it out from next to the dumpster — it was free!  we needed a table!  there it was!  so we took it!)

The table was scratched, marred, burnt and in some places taped.
The requisite amount of bubble gum was even stuck to the bottom to signify the amount of years in service and the table’s call for retirement.

But we saw something else in it — good bones.
Just in desperate need of some tender loving care.

I’ll share the after photos of the table soon, but in the meantime, here’s me —AFTER — note my hair that accidentally dipped into a full can of paint as I leaned under the table.

I find before and after stories intriguing.
I suppose we all do, or there wouldn’t be The Biggest Loser and Extreme Home Makeover tearing up eyes across the nation at night.

Makes me think of my own before and after stories.
The one where I was a star athlete before and a cancer survivor after.
The living a fairytale marriage before and a nightmare divorce after.
The losing everything before and getting it all back but even better after story.

And, I suppose, there is this story which isn’t quite finished yet.
The me before a year of not shopping and the me after taking care of my head, heart, body and soul for 365 days.

Who knows what I will be after this promise ends, on January 1st of 2012.
But I can say this: I will never be the same again.

Just goes to show what a little TLC can do when we are scratched, marred, burnt and in some places taped.

And, that’s the funny thing about before and after stories.
You have to make it to end to start a new beginning.

Day 53: why i won’t be a loser with @jillianmichaels

22 Feb

When The Biggest Loser first aired on television I was appalled.
Really? We are now parading around obese people and making money off their weight and workouts?

First marriage turned to blood sport through The Bachelor?
Then, voyeurism meets vanity with The Biggest Loser?
Do they think we are all vapid?

But, then I watched an episode of The Biggest Loser.
And, I fell for it.

Turns out, it was ME who was the big loser.
I was wrong.

I really didn’t want to admit it at first: the show was compelling, inspiring, and heart warming.

Zoom a few years forward and I own The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga DVD.
I mean, who wouldn’t want to work out with Bob Harper’s optimistic attitude, even at a “kill me now” pace.

I could call myself a fan, except…
The scream master and bully trainer: Jillian.
She’s mean. She’s tough. She’s in your face.
And that’s not very nice.

I was so turned off by Jillian Michaels.
She’s everything I don’t stand for. I believe in tough but kindhearted inspiration.

But something happened this weekend.
As Justin and I were on our weekly Costco run, Jillian Michaels jumped off the cover of her new DVD and screamed: “Ribbed Abs in 6 weeks!”

It was hard to ignore.
It turns out we will be traveling to Mexico in just about …well, 6 weeks.
We are excited to rendezvous with Justin’s cousins for a little vacation and southern comfort, but, neither one of us is all that excited about unveiling bathing suit bodies.

So, there we were in Costco and there was Jillian on the cover of her DVD with the call to action: Flat Abs in 6 weeks. We stood in the aisle, heads cocked to the side, counting the number of weeks to Mexico.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Hum? What would you do?
Probably what we did.

Buy the DVD.
We are now on Day 3.
The workout is short, intense and almost makes me cry like a baby. And, Ms. Jillian, she is, to be expected, her same strong willed screaming self.

I take back everything I said before.
She is not mean.
She is effective.
And if I travel to Mexico with a six pack on me, I promise the first margarita will be in her name.

It is a good lesson for me.
I judged too soon, on both counts.

And, if you’ve got a product or service, the lesson here is pretty obvious. Be in the right place, at the right time, with the right message.

Score one for The Body category on ThePromise365.
I promise to report back …but right now I need to go watch the end of The Biggest Loser.

Oh, yeah, one more thing.
Thanks Jillian.
I aspire to be a loser.

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