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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 139 :: a path of joy

17 May
{future forward}

I’m all about promises. I love promises. I keep my promise all year long. And, the best part is I never know where it will take me. It is a path that winds out before me and I can never quite see around the corner. But I can always look back and know exactly where I’ve been.

Life is a lot like that. We see the path we’ve been down so clearly. The secret, it seems, is to have that same amount of clarity for the path ahead. And then follow it.

Maybe that’s why I make so many promises, year after year. It’s like blazing a trail, setting a vision, holding to a dream and then following the path — wherever it takes me, even though I can never see the destination. 

This year, joy is taking me on a ride. Down a path. Into the future!
We’ll see where it goes…

Where are you going?

More tomorrow…



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BLOG – GIFT DAY 216 :: the secrets of nature

4 Aug

Our cousin Kim mentioned it to me. So far I find the book fascinating and I have to admit, now that we have a garden and I find myself digging in the dirt and singing to my baby plants….Yes… I sing to the Baby Peppers:
And Baby Cucumbers:>>>
I even sing to the Mama Tomato and her Baby Twins:

At first I thought it was ridiculous. Then I read about a study where a scientist hooked up his monitoring equipment to the plants in his office. One day a spider crawled across his desk and just as he reached to kill the spider the plant monitors reacted to his action.

As if the plants understood the spiders impending death.

Spooky. Creepy. Just more proof that we are all connected?

If nothing else it justifies my singing in the garden…. and my complete restraint to not freak out and kill spiders. In fact, I saved one the other day from crawling up my office wall.

I grabbed a clear jar and a piece of paper (just like Justin taught me to) and gently nudged the little creepy crawly into a jar. Then I promptly handed the jar over to Justin with the request: “Set this spider free!”

I was so proud of myself! I saved a life! It was as if I could hear the plants singing back to me with this act of pardon.

Last night, as we drifted to sleep, I rolled over and asked Justin what he loves most about the garden.

He said, in his sleepy voice, “All of it.”

“No really.” I nudged him with a pouty voice, “Tell me your FAVORITE part of the garden. What is your favorite plant?”

“I can’t tell you.” He looked me straight in the eyes. “The plants can hear us and I don’t want them to get upset.”

“Now who’s talking crazy talk?” I immediately thought to myself as I stared at the ceiling thinking about my baby eggplant that is getting big, my baby bell peppers that are starting to sprout and my Mama Tomato with her identical twins….

And then I realized he was right, I love them all and wouldn’t want to play favorites.

I’m excited to read more of Natures Secret Messages: Hidden in Plain Sight to find out what other powers these plants may possess, if nothing more than the power they already possess over me.

It’s funny. All the reading, studying, searching for foods, diets, ways of eating that I have done over these past three years — nothing has made a bigger impact on me than growing food in my own garden.

I suppose to truly understand something you have to get your hands dirty.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

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{what do you want  to better understand?
how can you get your hands dirty?}
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