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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 78 :: practice

19 Mar

Day 78: Trying out.

We just returned home from a theater performance like none other. The Missoula Children’s Theatre rolled through town this week and along with it came dreams, aspirations, and some serious costumes. And, of course, flowers.

Lots of flowers. It is flower season here in the Northwest (the tulips are coming! the tulips are coming!). But these flowers were roses and they belonged to the little hearts and minds on stage. Some for the first time.

As I sat watching our 8-year-old and 9-year-old nieces in newly donned costumes, I was moved by the power of theater. Not to mention the incredible timeframe: they tried out on Monday, learned their parts, practiced, memorized and then performed an entire play by Saturday.

The stage is quite magical.

It may be the only place we get to practice being someone else, trying on a new costume, a new persona, a new part. Moving differently, singing out loud in public, giggling backstage from the freight… knowing in the pit of your stomach it all doesn’t really matter and then again, at the same time, feeling like everything is on the line …as you step out before everyone you know …and everyone who loves you.

And that made me think of the power of practice.

Both the kind that we do because it matters, because everything is on the line and we don’t want to mess up … And the kind of practice we do for ourselves when no one is looking, when no one is keeping score, when there is no audience to cheer us on.

And that leads me back to yoga.
Yoga is teaching me the power of practice.
The magical power of practice.

There are no flowers in it at the end. There is no audience to cheer me on (although I do love my new yoga buddy named Justin who joins along!). No matter the day, the time, the reason, the place, the moves, the pain …the magic is in the practice.

Practice. Practice. Practice.
(…and maybe some pretty flowers too!)

More tomorrow.


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