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GIFT DAY 029: 29 days in a row

29 Jan

Today marks my 29th Day of Gifts! 

Which is the title of the book that inspired my promise this year.

29 gifts, jamie eslinger, the promise 365

It’s also the underlying, daily activity of my 365 commitment to “abundance.”

So far, I’ve given away things like:

  • iTunes songs 
  • Books 
  • Prayers
  • Thoughtful emails 
  • Beer
  • Heart-shaped rocks 
  • Thank you letters
  • Coffee
  • Journals
  • A baby gift

And thus far, a few important and amazing things have already happened in my life, including…

The birth of the BABY of said “baby gift.”

Her name is Sasha and she was welcomed into this world last week (the day before my birthday – yay!).

For me, it’s a good reminder about WHY I am giving away a gift a day.

Sure, it’s about my exploration of abundance.

But it is also about my commitment to life — and the ones I love.

After-all, giving a gift is really just reaching out and touching someone your know, just met, ran into, laughed with, longed for or loved.

It’s an exchange of energy. A nod to the living and all those little moments that tie us together for eternity.

I’m finding that it’s much like opening a door. Once it is opened we walk through it not always knowing what is on the other side.

And, that leads to mistakes.
Like this weekend.

After my friend Jenn bought me ice cream for my birthday I had the BRILLIANT idea to pay it forward.

So before I left Nona’s ice cream shop in Hingham I boldly (AND LOUDLY) announced to the man behind me in line that I was “GOING TO PAY FOR HIS ICE CREAM!”

How nice! How lovely! How sweet…. oohs and ahs all around.

Then I pulled out my credit card and the cute little thing behind the register frowned and replied, “We only take cash.”

“CASH?” I thought. “I haven’t carried that in my wallet since 1998.”

Plan thwarted. Embarrassment ensued. Gift halted.
I left sad and gift-less.

Later that night, I meditated on what to send for my daily gift as the clock was ticking down to midnight — and then it dawned on me. Literally. I sent my sister DAWN a copy of The Downton Abbey Chronicles via Amazon. I knew she would love it.

When I awoke I had a surprise little note back from her with a book she lent to me — To Marry an English Lord.

It’s an exchange, this gift giving thing. And it’s lovely.

Almost as lovely as a new, bouncing, baby girl.

Welcome dear, little Sasha.
You are loved.
And YOU my dear, are an amazing gift.

Here’s to a year of abundance.

More tomorrow.

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