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TP365/Year 10:: Connections – Christine

3 Oct

Today marks a milestone. It is a homecoming sort of day. Not only is it Tom Brady’s return to Gillette Stadium it’s also the first official connection of Year 10 for The Promise 365.

I met my friend Christine at Panera Bread today but that wasn’t what we had planned.

Jamie and Christine at Panera Bread

We had actually planned to try The Farmer’s Daughter in Easton, Massachusetts. I have heard so much about this amazing place and we couldn’t wait to try it. However, when we arrived the crowd wrapped around the block and lining the brick wall across the street had another idea — to the tune of a one-and-a-half-hour wait. What? A 90-minute wait for brunch?

We were too hungry for that so we set off to find another option. Stonebridge Cafe it was. Until it wasn’t. They also had a too long for our tummies and schedules wait. So Panera Bread it was!

As I pulled into the parking lot I was surprised to see a Bertucci’s next door. How appropro! It was at Bertucci’s Home Office where I first met Christine so many years ago. I was Director of Marketing and She was Director of Operations. We had a symbiotic relationship (one that isn’t always found between marketing and operations departments). We worked together so well for the good of all, all of the time.

Christine has seen me through many life stages and I was so excited today to see her teenage daughter — the last time I saw this beautiful young lady she was an energetic little two-year-old.

Over brunch we caught up and I was curious to hear about the life and times of teenagers. Note: teenagers no longer “date” — they “talk” — just in case you’re trying to keep up.

In many ways today was a connection of a few kinds. Connecting with a friend, connecting with memories of an old job, and probably most important, connecting with a new generation.

It reminded me that sometimes that best way to connect is just to listen.

More tomorrow,

JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 20 :: trust is a team sport

20 Jan


I am exhausted after watching the Patriots pull out another overtime, nail-biting win. Even though I grew up as an athlete, learning how to recover after losing and be fueled by winning, these last minute games make me break out in full body sweat.

It’s an amazing feeling, the euphoria of the win. And devastating to lose. So much of being an athlete is learning to trust, in your team, in your coach and in yourself.

But something about watching the Patriots play tonight, I am reminded that trust is a team sport. Whether it is in athletics, home or work. We all have teams that fuel our success.

Teams are connections are built on trust. We are only as strong as the person next to us, catching us when we fall and holding us up when we win.

That’s what teammates (including workmates and homemates) do best.
Trust your team.



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 35 :: win and lose

4 Feb
{next year}

It’s always hard to lose. And that’s the hardest part of sports, sporting or being a sports fan. Someone always loses. “There’s always next year,” was coined for a night like this.

And yet, on the other side, there is a winner. A first-time victory and the joy of bringing home a trophy. History in the record books. So many elated sports fans. The first taste of victory.

It’s the light and the dark. The sun and the shade. One needs the other to exist. For that contrast.

Tonight I felt that contrast as my heart beat so fast inside of me I could barely breathe. I so wanted the Patriots to win. Not because the team has been there before. Not because it was Tom Brady, the GOAT in the game. Not because I have watch him play since his days at Michigan or because we spent most of our adult life in Boston. It was because Justin was at the game.

I just wanted them to win so that he could see it. Experience it. Take it all in.

Of course, this is where you say, “Oh, it’s just a game.” And it is. But it’s making me think about JOY — and what it takes to feel joyful — do we need the low to understand the high? Does the winner need the loser to feel victory? 

The answer is most likely, yes, in both instances.

And yet, it sucks to lose. In the whatever game you play. Always. But the point may be to find joy in the game. To honor the ability to play. Or to just be there. Win or lose.

Congratulations Philly – may you enjoy every moment of this joyous occasion.
And… for the rest of us…there’s always next year 😉

More tomorrow…



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 14 :: kindness in football

14 Jan


We started our day by watching The Brady Six. It’s an ESPN documentary that tells the story of how Tom Brady went from the 199th pick in the NFL to be the best of the best (even better than all those other draft picks ahead of him).

It also tells the story of grit, determination, and heart.
It also makes us cry. Every time we watch it.

So tonight, while watching the Patriots game (nail biter) I had to ask myself. Is there kindness in football?

“There’s no kindness in football!” I heard my head say. There is hitting and smashing and strategic annihilation. But kindness?

Could there possibly be kindness in football? I mean, other than the PSA commercials that happen in between major sponsored ads showcasing large men in tights doing nice things for the community, like reading books to children. But really, that’s after the fact. Inside the game of football is there any ounce of kindness?

Could there be kindness on the field? While helmets smash and bodies go flying about the end zone and into the injury zone? No. Definitely not.

What about in the stands? The locker room? The parking lot? The living rooms around the world tuning into the game. Ehhhhh….

But then I thought back to the tear-jerking Brady Six documentary…. and all the heart and soul of all of those little boys and high school stars and college players and NFL hopefuls. There must be kindness there?

And then I realized…. there IS kindness in football. It’s found inside the fabric of a dream. In little kid dreams. In their preparation and training. In their parents carting them around to countless practices and tournaments so that they may continue living out their dream for as long as it lasts.

And that’s what the Brady Six is really all about. Our dreams. For ourselves. For our children. For the underdog, doggedly preparing every single day every when no one is looking. When no one believes in them. When nobody else thinks they can do it. Except they know, somewhere inside themselves that … they can.

There is kindness in that type of dream. No matter what team you love or root for or follow or play for, there is kindness in winning because it is the culmination of our collective dream to keep DREAMING alive.

What could be kinder than that?
(Minus all the injuries of course!)

More tomorrow.

P.S. Challenge #2 Is On: Confidence 
If you choose to accept this challenge, please join me in

  • Feeling certain. Tap in and trust your most kind self.
  • Believe in the best of any situation. Hold onto and trust that the most kind outcome will be yours.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 298 :: halloweenies

31 Oct

Day 298: Candy!

Happy Halloween to all the badass warriors out there (sent to me from a few badass warriors!). I assume yoga takes away all the candy we ate?

And then, of course, there was this:

Namaste, Halloween warriors. Namaste.

More tomorrow.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 134 :: happy being

15 May

Day 134: Happy.

How lovely to spend the day with family. Celebrating on the bay. Honoring Pup and Brady’s Big Papi with some Red Sox love. Tickets that is. For August. In Seattle. All for David Ortiz and our love of Boston.

And Justin, of course. The Birthday Boy.

It’s just one of the many things I love most about this guy. He is royally loyal. He loves what he loves, deeply and more enthusiastically than anyone else in the world. The Patriots. The Red Sox. Pearl Jam. His Family. Pup. Brady. And me. Probably not in that order.

But regardless of who comes first on that short list of deep affection, I feel so blessed to be on that list. It’s a gift to be loved so unconditionally and fully by another human being. Quite possibly the best gift of all.

I hope, dear Justin, you feel that gift coming back your way from everyone on the list. I can speak for most people anyway, when I say, we love you. As far as Eddie Vedder and Tom Brady go, well… you might have to ask them directly. And Big Papi, you’ll see him in August.

Birthdays are beautiful things, really. How wonderful to have a day to celebrate being here. Just being. Ah… and that’s the yoga talking.

Happy being day.

More tomorrow.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 247 :: every. single. day.

10 Sep

It’s funny, this blogging thing. It works.

I truly believe that it works because I show up everyday. Even when I’m tired (like tonight) or busy, or traveling, or surgery, or doctor’s appointments, or happy, or distracted, or lost for words. I just keep showing up.

There’s magic in showing up.

Because every single day is an opportunity to improve. To get better. To do more. To give it what you’ve got. Whatever that is. And I think that works because from all that “showing up” comes what you ask for.

And this year I am asking for Bliss. Part of me is learning that Bliss is a mindset. All attitude. Perspective. Being in control of your thoughts even when outside circumstances call for something other than patience, peace and grace.

And part of me is learning that Bliss is in the doing as well. Taking action towards what you want.

Which is why, tonight, I was inspired by this.
Every. Single. Day.

Not because it’s Tom Brady. (Although, we do love the Pats!)
And not because it’s just a marketing message (although I love marketing messages).
And not because it’s more than a call to action to buy clothing (the 199 on Brady’s shirt symbolizes his draft number in the 2000 NFL draft).

It’s because it’s a reminder of something that I know to be true.
Every. Single. Day.
Ads Up.
Every. Single. Day. Matters. 

Whether you are a world class pianist, athlete, president, doctor, painter, dancer, dreamer ….
…or just a girl who blogs every single day to get closer to her promises, goals and dreams..

However you train..
Whatever you do….
It Matters.
Every. Single. Day.

More tomorrow.
 {every. single. day.}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 31 :: dogged pursuits

31 Jan
Bliss moment of the day?  Well, it was eating brie.But that’s not my bliss moment of the day. It was Brady’s as he snuck up and snatched half of the block of brie from the sofa table. It was sort of an informal appetizer for us and become a formal contraband treat for Brady.

Admittedly, it made me mad. In one gulp he downed our brie, which I bought tonight as a special treat because it sounded so good. Whoosh! Just like that, it was gone.

But honestly there is something inside of that I respect. Brady knows what makes him happy. He is programmed to go after it no matter what anybody else thinks (or says … or yells).

He’s unashamed of his blissful pursuit. Food. Food. Food. Brady knows exactly where all of the food is in the house at all times. If I stand up from my desk and walk away leaving a bit of my lunch for TWO SECONDS Brady will be there licking his chops. Even if he was in another room. Even if he is outside. Somehow he knows where the food is and the direct coordinates of human arms to said food. He calculates his approach in a matter of seconds.

Then I turn around and my food is gone. GONE girl.

It makes me scream. The one word said over and over in this household is “Brady!” at all octaves and all levels of annoyance. But it doesn’t faze him. He keeps his focus. He knows what he wants.

We named Brady after Tom. After all, he is the most amazing quarterback in football history. Little did we know our Brady would have the same intense training regimen and winning instincts as #12… it just happens to be in the food department.

Regardless, I have to respect this tenacity. He is dogged in his blissful pursuit (pardon the pun). This dog’s got game and he schools us almost every single day.

Then he crawls up in my lap and pretends he’s sorry.

Yeah, he’s got my number. And my food. Pretty blissful life for this pup.

More tomorrow. 

 {what is your dogged pursuit?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 257 :: what team do you root for?

16 Sep

I am still learning where I am in this world. 
Namely, the west coast.

Here are a few new things I have learned since going back WESTWARD.

In two words:  Russell. Wilson.
After I learned more about this west coast household name I made the mistake of saying, “So he’s like the west coast version of Tom Brady?”

Note: It is not considered proper etiquette to compare east coast celebrity quarterbacks to west coast ones. You can thank me later.

The second thing I have learned: Football is like BRUNCH time over here. No 1AM overtime huddles on this side of the country. It starts EARLY… like before noon.

And finally, when it comes to the west coast, there are no New England Patriots games or Red Sox highlights. I did however find a hookup online at ESPN website last week.

We were able to catch the final moments of the real Tom Brady.
You know, the east coast version of Russell Wilson.

One thing is for sure, east or west, it’s football season across the country.

What team do you root for?

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{what team do you root for?}

Day 35: a love letter to tom brady

4 Feb

Tonight continues my commitment to more love and less fear this year.  For February, I am focusing on love with a month of love letters.  Tonight’s is dedicated to the man of the hour. 

Dear Tom Brady: 

I knew you when you were so young.

I walked the same halls with you at the University of Michigan — me, in my sports marketing internship role and you, in your fight to earn a starting position with the team.  In the end, you won your special spot and it was glorious to watch your success.

I have followed you since then, or rather, it seems you have followed me, moving to Boston just after I did.

Regardless, of who followed whom, I know you have always been a fighter.
Your tenacity is admirable.  Your focus is laser sharp.  Your passion for the game is obvious.

But, that’s not why I am writing this love letter to you tonight.  Rather, I am asking you to do something for all us longtime observers and fans  — because we know what you are capable of!

Is it too much to ask for a win in this XLVI game?

Sure, I have some personal interests at sake, as I live with a man that plans his life around Patriot Football.  Nothing would make him happier than seeing your success.

And, yes, the wounds are still raw from the last time your team met New York’s in a Super Bowl finale.

No, I don’t need to point out that the entire New England region is hanging on the edge of its seat for this game — even Boston South (that’s what I like to call Naples, Florida) is dripping with anticipation.

But, really, I just want you to know this:
You are loved, you are meant to play this game and you can do it.  Because you can do anything.

And, we will be right here rooting for you.

Jamie (and, it goes without saying, Patriot Nation)

P.S. Since you are a man who can appreciate breaking records, I must share that I just broke a record myself — this is Post #400 of The Promise 365.  Yay!

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