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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 178 :: joy is calling

27 Jun

We are watching European Vacation tonight, old school Griswold style.  It has me thinking about great adventures, what makes a great adventure, what adds to it all. I keep coming up with the pursuit of joy. 

What brings you the greatest joy?
May that be your greatest adventure.
More tomorrow…



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 166 :: joy is vacation

14 Jun
{all she ever wanted}

And vacation starts now!! So tonight’s post is short and sweet. Is there anything better than the first day of vacation?  What brings you adventure and joy?


Here’s to joy!

More tomorrow…



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 152 :: 4-letter word friday 

23 Jun


It’s time to go-go on vacation!

Vacations all I ever wanted, vacation happy to get away…and why is it that on the night before rest and relaxation begins all chaos breaks loose?

Must be a law of kindness…
Get all the crazy out before the fun begins.
Here’s to vacation.
And being all PACKED!

More tomorrow….

{happy friday}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 237 :: cruising

1 Sep

Day 237: Speed.

I am still home. On dry land. And vacation still seems as if it were a mirage in the desert. As I recap, I think about what it means to be on a boat and in a house – and how so much of that meaning changes when you add the two together:

House + Boat = Cruising

So here is Lake Powell Day 2:

Today we cruised. In a house. That is also a boat. On a very, very large lake. It sounds like it’s right out of Make-Believe-Land. And it kind of is…Because it’s pure magic to be living in a house that’s also a boat with a slide off the back deck.

But who needs a slide when you can just jump off the side of your house and land in a lake? Certainly not this group of travelers.

I can’t say I am as brave as these plunging backflipping people, but I did pretend to be “the king of the world” at the front of the boat.

Then I plugged my nose and jumped anyway. Feet First.

Speaking of firsts… there were many firsts on Day 2:

  • Our first 5-hour cruise on a houseboat
  • Our first experience pumping out “poop” (yes… emptying real poop containers) at the poop station. It was closed when we first pulled up so we had to leave, which isn’t an easy feet in a huge HOUSE that is a BOAT. Then, just as we were pulling away from the dock the Park Ranger came out and removed the closed sign. Poop Station Open for Business!
  • It was also our first time cooking on a houseboat (That would include bang bang cauliflower, peanut sauce chicken, fish tacos and Asian rice thank you very much!)

We also had our first rare bird sighting. A pink flamingo and white swan.

But the best sights of the day were finding shapes in the massive canyon walls. Angels, faces, animals and art.

Can you see the whale in this photo?

More tomorrow.

{what do you see?}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 237 :: you always remember your first

30 Aug

Day 237: So many firsts.

I am home. On dry land. Tired, sleepy-eyed and remembering vacation as if it were a mirage in the desert. So, now, I recap and recall each day of our trip, one by one. Starting right now.
Lake Powell Day 1:

It was a trip with many first. So many we counted the “firsts” each day of the trip.
On the first day of the trip, we discovered it was the….

  • First time in Colorado (Courtney)
  • First time in Utah (Courtney)
  • First Road Soda (don’t ask)
  • First time on a Sea Doo (Jamie + Courtney)
  • First time to Lake Powell (Most of us!)
  • First time on a House Boat (Most of us!)
  • First time using a Garlic Roller (Jamie and Courtney)
  • First Putting up Bimini Top on a Malibu Boat (Courtney)
  • First time lifting a Sea Doo onto the top of a Houseboat (All)
  • First time doing yoga on a Houseboat (Jamie)
  • First time doing night time sand yoga (Jamie)

And for Courtney….it was the first day of the trip to get pushed into the water. But believe me… not the last.

More tomorrow.

{so many firsts}

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29 Aug

back to life

Day 236: One more.

There is one more leg of our journey and then we are home.
Vacation is over.  We are back to reality.

And I want one more.
One more day of vacation.
One more chance to water ski.
One more dip in Lake Powell.
One more large dinner with family.
One more sunny day.

There are so many “one mores” to want and wish for that I’m thinking that might be the sign of a once in a lifetime vacation.

Wanting one more.

More tomorrow.

{one more}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 235 opening up

21 Aug

Day 235: Vacation Nation.

Vacation has started.

And much like the year we went to the grand canyon, this vacation will also be taking me outside the realm of a reliable internet connection.

And, in many ways, that was one of the best parts of vacation. A week on the earth without connectivity to anything other than friends, family and nature. Oh, there was so much more too – you can read about it here.)

This year we are off to Lake Powell.

© Dndavis | Dreamstime.com – Lake Powell

So I have repeated the process I used a few years ago in the canyon – prepopulated blog posts! This year, they will be yoga tips from friends far and wide. Some are funny, some are science, some are brilliant. Further proof that there is a yogi in each of us.

Enjoy the yoga series…. and I will see you, back live, right here on the blog August 29th. But I will be here in spirit, every day. AND… I will be doing yoga every single day on the Lake too.

My goal is to get photos (oooh red rocks!). But I’m sure I will come home with much more. Because vacation always opens us up to more. And I can’t wait to see what is in store!

More tomorrow.
{it begins}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 84 :: balance

25 Mar

Day 83: A little bit.

Doing yoga every day has me thinking about one very critical, necessary, of high import, often overlooked but very, very, very real thing: balance.

I don’t think about balance while I sit at my desk all day.
I don’t think about balance when I play with the dogs.
Or run after a tennis ball.
Or eat.

But when I follow a yoga instructor standing on one leg, wth the other leg straight out behind her in the air and hands out in front of her head (“Look Ma, no hands!”) I realize just how out of balance I am. And that’s about the time that I fall. Or stumble.

I think that’s the ironic thing about balance. You don’t realize you’re off kilter and about to tumble until both hands and one foot are off the ground. Then. Whamo. Balance knocks you upside the head.

So far into this year of yoga, I am learning to respect balance. The kind that comes from practicing just a little bit every day and the kind that comes from realizing when you have too many hands and feet off the ground.

And with that, in T minus 20 minutes I will officially be on vacation.
So that I can reclaim just a little bit more balance.

More tomorrow.


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Day 209: want to be happy? go on vacation!

28 Jul

We are leaving, not on a jet plane, more like a slow ferry.

We are packed up and heading to “America” (as island locals say) a.k.a. the mainland.

Our destination?  A mini family reunion, a wedding, and a dentist appointment. Hey, it can’t all be fun and games when one gets the chance to sail to America.

It’s a boat trip + road trip + Novocaine trip, all in one.
The latter I am not looking forward to.

But, don’t all road trips have a bump in the road somewhere?

Even though we spend our summer on an idyllic island, this distinctly feels like vacation.  And, according to the recent Time article, Want Happiness? Don’t Buy More Stuff — Go on Vacation, experts report doing more brings more happiness than purchasing more

I can relate.

So far, over this journey (a vacation of sorts, from shopping), I have learned first-hand it is just as adventurous to find a new yoga class as it is to find a frilly dress.  One would think purchasing a physical item would make euphoria last longer.  Turns out, it doesn’t.  We attribute more long-term happiness to memories and special moments, or vacations and road trips than to new t-shirts or TV’s.

Vacations are indeed priceless.

When I think back over my life, I can remember every road trip ever taken.  From the trek last fall where Justin, Pup and I crisscrossed the entire country, to the spring break with my college buddies where Laura and Lisa and I drove to Corpus Christi, Texas, bringing back more than hangovers and memories; we packed up the car with full body sunburns and Aloe vera (not a good combination for a 20 hour car ride home).

And, then there is that one road trip Justin and I took, a very long time ago, heading towards college in his black Tahoe.  We drove from Idaho to Missouri, from West to Mid-west, on our way to college.

It was a long way
Not because of the distance between home and college, but because of the distance between us.  We were recently broken up. (Looking back, now, we think our two mother’s collaborated to put us together in a car for two days in hopes our hearts would resolve. Good plan. Didn’t work.)

On that long and winding road, where there is NOTHING between Colorado’s Rocky Mountains and the Missouri River, we made small talk and listened to CD after CD after CD, ignoring the pink elephant in the car: my broken heart.

Somewhere between Denver and Kansas City we spotted billboards for The World’s Largest Prairie Dog.  And when you see a billboard for the world’s largest prairie dog, you have to stop.  Not surprisingly, it was a cement hoax, a large sculpture of a prairie dog (which you probably already guessed).  But, it broke the ice between our two hearts as we laughed and rolled our eyes at the roadside ridiculousness.

We laughed the rest of the way to the Missouri state line. When Justin dropped me off at Laura and Lisa’s front door we waved to each other.  No more kisses, no more hugs.  But we had something new: one, big, prairie dog.

Yesterday, a song on Pandora rang through my computer speakers and held me in its grip.  It’s called Long Way and it’s a road trip song (it caught my attention because it mentions Idaho, and many other places I have driven through.)

I searched online to find out more, and you’ll never guess what I found…

A video where the artist, Antje Duvekot, describes her own road trip across the county and what she discovered.  Turns out we aren’t the only suckers for enormous prairie dogs!

If you have a few minutes, this video is worth a watch and the song is a good listen.

Call it good for your soul.  Or, if you’ve ever driven cross-country, broken up with the person sitting next to you, then it just might be good for your heart too.

Trust the research.
Vacations last longer than souvenirs.
Some trips are short. Some are long.  
But, all are memorable.

Day 92: the reentry process

2 Apr

If you don’t have anything good to say…

Well, here’s something good I can say about not buying clothes or shoes this year, and specifically not buying souvenirs on vacation:

It sure makes it easy to unpack!

Although, I’m not sure it makes the laundry go any faster, but it does reduce the labor involved in separating clothing into piles of light, dark, don’t dry, hand wash, and my favorite: who cares it is so old just throw it in any pile.

Laundry is only one part of post vacation reality called The Reentry.

I wonder if astronauts go through this when reentering the earth’s atmosphere? Just what pile do I throw this spacesuit in anyway?

Now, I know nothing about physics (other than the taller I think I am the harder I undoubtedly fall, as in the scientifically studied Big Head Syndrome), but I do believe post vacation Reentry is a very physical thing.

Take this, for instance.

In just one week:

  • I forgot my car needs washed.
  • I forgot the power bill is due.
  • I forgot what the inside of my closet looks like.
  • And, in folding clothes this afternoon, it appears I also forgot we have a hanger shortage.

I officially blame The Reentry.
If I had a locker I would have forgotten the combo too.

The Reentry is a bit painful.
I’m surprised there isn’t a pharmaceutical company breaking ground on a pill to decrease the symptoms of tiredness, sore muscles, bug bites and leftover sand-in-ear.

Hum, what would they call it?

Although, let’s be real, side effects would probably include diarrhea, loss of hair and growing a third eyeball.

Despite the pain of Reentry, here is what I could never forget:

The look on Pup’s face and the wag in his tail when he sees us coming to pick him up from the fabulous Wigglebutt Inn.

Nothing feels better than a warm welcome home.
Whether from your family, friends, children or pets.

And, I must admit:
No well-crafted souvenir (or totally cute shoes) can top that.

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