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Day 17: new dresses and new dreams

17 Jan

Oh, happy day, indeed.
Today was Vision Day with Debbie Phillips.   A day to plan, dream, focus and create new goals for the year ahead and celebrate the year that has passed.

It was also a day for me to try on something new — a new dress.
As I surveyed my closet this morning, and stared down the clothes I have worn over and over again for the past year, I yearned to wear something new.

And then I saw the new dress.
I haven’t had a new dress in my possession for over a year now.  This new dress came to me in the form of a Christmas present (thanks Jill!).

Just slipping into this sunny number made me feel like a new person, taking a step into a new year.  In a very subtle way, it made me feel ready for new dreams too.

Because clothes are powerful.
It’s no secret that I love clothes.  I love how they make me feel, how they change my attitude and how they define my day.

But, dreams are more powerful.
And I love them even more — for how they make me feel, how they change my attitude and how they define not just my day, but the entire year ahead.

If there is anything I learned from last year, it is the importance of investing in myself, in my future and in my dreams (instead of my wardrobe!).

How are you investing in your dreams?

Here’s to your dreams, goals, plans and purposeful living as we take on this new year.

(And maybe, just maybe, there will be a new dress along the way too!)

Day 35: suddenly i see

4 Feb

If you are reading this today — it is dedicated to you.

Did you ever want something so badly, you don’t dare say it out loud?
Like keeping a secret, except, it isn’t a secret, because YOU know it’s there. The yearning. Almost like a calling?

About three years ago, I had the urge to create a vision board.
It came to me in the midst of New Year’s Eve, and at the height of the media circus surrounding the book, The Secret. And, oh, yeah, also in the depths of a really bad marriage that I didn’t know how to resolve.

I was overcome with enthusiasm to craft a vision!
I googled. I searched. I found tons of images online of all the things I wanted in my life and pasted the photos into a Word Document. Voilà!  An electronic version of a vision board!

It looked nothing like my life at the time.
Some of the images were:

  • a couple walking on the beach at sunset
  • a couple playing tennis
  • a woman happily working in a home office
  • a couple surrounded with many children
  • a photo of Oprah
  • a couple sleeping with a dog on their bed

I printed out the pages with all the pretty pictures and promptly tucked it in the back flap of my daily planner.  Then, I forgot about it.

Six months after creating my crafty little vision board:
I left my husband.

Six months after that, I lost my job.
Two months after that, I reunited with my high school boyfriend.
Three months after that, we moved to Martha’s Vineyard …an island, with a lot of beaches.
Five months later, I started my own marketing consulting practice …with a virtual office.
A year later, I am living in Naples, Florida for the winter, working with Women on Fire, and playing tennis almost every single day.
Right at this very moment, as I sit on our bed, typing this blog post, Pup is snuggled next to me, laying on his back with his paws up in the air …snoring.

Which brings me to today.
I spent Day #35 of this year at Group Vision Day.
The experience is much like crafting a vision board: but on steroids. Debbie Phillips is an amazing coach who helps women craft a strategy, plan of action, and provide support to bring dreams to life.

On my way home from Vision Day, the song Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall came on the radio. It made me smile. Ironic?

The last few years have not been a sudden process, but I do see.
I have learned to tune into me, to listen to my gut, and look into my heart — in order to see my future.  And then, invest in my vision with a clear plan. It’s a much more fulfilling process than just leaving my dreams up to chance.

And, that’s essentially what ThePromise365 is about.
Writing every single day is a solid strategy to keep me on track with my vision: to be the most amazing self I can possibly be this year. How to do it? Invest resources in my success, my dreams, my best self, and write about it everyday.

It’s not easy to write everyday.
But, it is my strategy.
You are my support.
And, I, am very grateful.

Thank you.
And, here’s to your amazing dreams and vision.

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