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Day 299: that’s a wrap!

27 Oct

As our weekend is coming to a close, so is the amazing Women on Fire retreat here in Chicago.

Here’s one of my favorite photos of the day, of Tandi and I, as we soaked in a few moments of sitting still before we all leave on a jet plane in the direction of home tomorrow.

I have now emerged from our retreat and the “burrito of love” that happens when Debbie Phillips gets more than 70 women in the same room, from all over the country, together sharing their biggest dreams and heartfelt stories.

Back to reality.
And a really big storm.

These are just a few of the headlines staring back at me as I reconnect with the real world and the internet:

And, of course, the one that makes my eyes go wide as pictures of living directly on the beach dance through my head:

Sandy’s Storm Surge a Major Threat

Yup! That’s right. We’ve been in the beach house for not even THREE weeks and there is an unprecedented storm heading in our direction. I literally had to look up the definition of “storm surge” and it basically means — get out of town!

So tomorrow I fly home, and will flee home, all in the same day.
But tonight…

I am going to go to bed dreaming in my blue eye mask:

Here’s to sweet dreams and good wishes for everyone to ride out this storm and stay safe and warm.

Sweet dreams.

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