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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 47 :: 4-letter word friday

17 Feb


It’s Friday. And today’s 4-Letter Word Friday is dedicated to this doozie:  WAIT

Because I am waiting.
I am in a hotel room in Washington D.C., waiting for my friends to arrive.

This is my old stomping grounds. I landed today at the beautiful Reagan National Airport and walked right into a wave of nostalgia. Memories of my first job, my first apartment, my first walk into the Real World as I walked down the grand hall.

I am now sitting in a hotel room waiting for my dear friends to arrive. The women who have known me since our college days. It seems like a daze now, the girl in me who was in college then and the young lady who lived in Washington D.C. after.

Today I realized….
I have forgotten how to use the Metro.
I got off at the wrong stop.
My old neighborhood has blossomed into a sea of highrise buildings.
Nothing looks the same so many years and moves later.

And yet…..some things still do.

The historic buildings running by the window of my Metro seat stand tall.
The Irish Pub down the street from my old apartment stands strong.

And so it goes…
As I WAIT for my dear friends to arrive, I realize I spent many of those years that I lived in this Capital City waiting for the ME to appear that sits here.

I so desperately wanted to know who SHE would be, twenty years later. All Grown Up. The joke, of course, is on me. The world keeps changing as I know now, and if we WAIT for something way out in the future to arrive, well, we miss the train…(or get off at the wrong stop).

And yet, I also see the beauty and kindness that blooms within the waiting. Friendships grow stronger. Roots grow deeper. Classics become timeless evermore.

While so much of the world will always change, there’s comfort in knowing some things stand tall and strong. And…of course, if you get off at the wrong stop you can always get back on the train.

Enjoy. The. Wait.

More tomorrow….


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 57 :: a lady in waiting

27 Feb

Day 57. Oh burger, oh boy.

I’m writing this blog post from the bathroom. Just in case…. I am a blogger in waiting. Waiting for tonight’s dinner of tex-mex burger to pass without full-on flu-like symptoms. (I hope.)

Waiting sucks. It’s always the hardest part. Whether it is a test result or a tryout. Waiting… waiting….waiting is a drain. But tonight the bathroom does seem like the most reflective place to write a post while waiting.

Because there is so much waiting that happens in a bathroom.

I have waited for things to pass and things to come in a bathroom. I have waited for eyes to dry and tears to stop falling in a bathroom. I have waited for my sister to let me in and I have waited for the perfect moment to let myself out of a bathroom. I have waited for my hair to dry, the stink to subside, the sink to drain.

I have waited for someone to bring me a new roll of toilet paper while sitting, waiting, dripping …and pleading at the top of my lungs.

As a child, I once waited for my mother to pick up the phone at her office, as I bounced up and down in the bathroom waiting for her advice about how to unlock the belt that clasp around my waist that with every pull became tighter.

I have also waited for the hot, soapy water to absorb into every cell of my body washing away the rest of the world so I could emerge anew and renewed.

So many things I have waited for in a bathroom…but this may be the first blog post I have waited to post from a bathroom.

I guess there is a first time for everything.

More tomorrow.


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Day 163: do you sing naked outside?

12 Jun

It took me all day to get up the nerve to take a shower. 
You see, my only option while we are on the island (and the main house is rented) is the outdoor shower attached to the outside of the house.

Which normally is a blissful act that I love.
In fact, I love it more than the beach ~ the water is at least warm!

But this morning, as rain pelted the windows in front of my desk I couldn’t move myself to do that dirty deed … get naked, outside, in the rain and the COLD.

If there are two things I hate it is to be cold and dirty. 
Dirty and cold.  Doesn’t matter which way you order it, they make me just plain miserable.

The prospect of sitting in my own stench outweighed the act of taking off my clothes in the cold and windy rain.  Just the thought of it sent shivers all over my body.

So, there I sat, in front of my computer for hours, hugging my cup of tea waiting for the rain to stop.

It’s a terrible thing to sit around and wait.

Waiting for food to cook if you are starving, waiting for the light to turn green if you are late, waiting for the doctor to call if you are sick, and my favorite, waiting in line for your turn at the toilet when you can’t hold it one more moment.

So, I took Pup by the leash and we went for a walk in the rain.
The rain still didn’t stop.

So, I worked for hours in front of my computer, looking up now and then to confirm that, yes, it was indeed still pouring outside.

This game of ‘hide and go seek for the sun’ went on for hours.

Finally, I had enough.
I threw on my robe and flip flops, ran out the door and hopped into the shower.  And, I did hop.  I hopped on both feet trying to warm up my bones as I waited for the water to heat up.

And, that’s when I caught myself singing.
The irony.  Singing in the rain.

Well, it was more like singing in a rain shower.
I was outside, naked, and completely secluded in my own little world of the outdoor shower.

The water was warm.
The world around me was cold.
And I was singing.

Cause baby you’re a firework
Come on show ’em what you’re worth
Make ’em go “Oh, oh, oh!”
As you shoot across the sky-y-y

Then, for a brief, tiny, second the sun peeked out from the sky.
And, it stopped raining.

As if the sky was just waiting for me.
Like it had been watching me all day long. Waiting for me to make the first move.

Sitting here tonight, it makes me wonder:
Who else am I sitting around waiting for?
Where am I waiting for something else to stop, to start, to continue?

Maybe the answer is just as easy as this:
Get naked and hop in with both feet first.

And, of course, it doesn’t hurt to sing a little tune.

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