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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 walk toward the rainbow – 13 days to go

18 Dec


There are 13 days left of The Promise 365!

Tonight, I enjoyed a wonderful dinner with a friend who I have not seen in too many years. It was a reunion of hearts, and memories and our younger selves. So much time has passed and so many life moments have happened, and so many roads have been traveled, but there we were, crossing paths again.

It reminds me that life is full of twists and turns, but if you continue to walk toward the rainbow the journey will be worth the adventure it holds in your heart.

In so many ways, that’ is what this blogging adventure has been about too. Walking toward the rainbow.

Trust me!
More tomorrow.Jamie


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 114 :: learning to walk in the rain

24 Apr

Day 114: Sun.

According to my iPhone I walked seven miles today. Okay, well, maybe it’s more like 6.97 miles but that’s so close to seven I’m rounding up.

But that’s not the breakthrough of my day. Oh no. It was the rain. Washington is teaching me to walk in the rain. Of course, I still wear my rain boots and raincoat, which is a surefire way to announce to the locals that you don’t live here, didn’t grow up here or are a tourist. (Some days I still feel like all three).

But today, I walked. In the rain.

And, somewhere in the middle of walking in the rain, three people stopped me to tell me how much they loved my red rain boots. Then a woman passed me on the Fairhaven trail and announced, “I love your pink raincoat!”

And, then, miraculously, the sun came out.

I’m not sure what to take from that, really. Did the sun come out because I left the house to go on a walk on a rainy day? Did the clouds part so that I could be the ONLY person in Bellingham walking around in rain boots while the sun shone and people ate ice cream cones?

Who knows?
But I do know this. It doesn’t matter if the sun shines if you don’t.
So shine on. Boots, coat, umbrella and all.

More tomorrow.

P.S. Yoga done! Body sore.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 31 :: magical woods

31 Jan

Day 31. One-Hundred Acre Woods.

It sounds like Winnie-The-Pooh and Robin Hood too. The One-Hundred Acre Woods. I’ve heard about it from a few people now. As in, “You live right next to the one-hundred acre woods!”

So, today, we set out to find them.

Not all 100 of them, of course that will take years I think (maybe… right?), but find a few of them we did! Pup sniffed his way through every piece of acre we covered. Brady helped too. Pointing us in the right direction.


It felt a bit magical in a Sherwood Forest sort of way. We didn’t meet any merry men but did meet several other dogs and their owners, and runners, and bikers. And I met a very sweet woman (named, you guessed it, Robin!) who stopped to talk with Brady.

“Vizsla?” She said.
“Yes!” I answered.

And in some odd way I felt like somehow I knew her, or had met her before. She gave me some local tips and then buried her face next to Brady’s and patted him on the head. Almost like she had met him before too.

Then off into the woods she walked. And I thought…Nice to meet you Robin. Thanks for sharing your woods.

Tonight, as I reflect on our day (and my sore muscles from our hike) I wonder what else there is to explore in our new world (besides yoga = which I already did for the day!).

It’s not Nottingham.. it’s Bellingham.
And I think she still has some magic to show us.

More tomorrow.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 289 :: a blissful walk

20 Oct


Today’s Bliss….. a walk in the park.

I’ve come to an obvious conclusion. We don’t own dogs. They own us. This wisdom I didn’t come to while reading a book or doing some research. It hit me rather when both of my legs were tied up in dog leashes, one wound around the other, with a dog at each end going in two different directions after different pursuits.

One dog wanted to smell the grass. The other dog wanted to smell something much more unpleasant which shall remain unnamed. I wanted them both to walk next to me and stick to the path so I could get back to my desk in time for a conference call.

They didn’t care.

This reminds me of a walk I did once while visiting friends in Vermont. My friend Karen, also a card carrying dog owner, came up with the brilliant idea that we should take our dogs for a walk out in the country (which is pretty much any road in Vermont). She thought to invite other dog owners who might want to join in. They all did. I had Pup in tow, who was and still is a Vizsla. Everyone else had their well behaved Labs and Goldens.

This was the first time I noticed there was something wrong with my dog. Everyone else had four-legged friends who walked nicely next to them, strolling along with the adults, as if they were listening to the conversation and taking notes. Their leashes were limp, following after, as if an afterthought.

I had Pup. A Vizsla, born and bread to hunt, smell and point out all the oddities of mother nature. For every step I took forward Pup took two steps back. I spent the entire walk tugging at the end of his taught leash hissing, “Come on Pup!” while trying (and failing) to keep up with the others.

This is life with a Viszla.

I am now resigned to this fact: we do not and probably never will, have picture perfect walks. We have Pup led adventures. We go wherever his nose goes. Add Brady to the mix and I end up twisted between the two leashes, being pulled in two different directions, between fallen leaves, fire hydrant posts, fence corners and tree stumps.

And yet, something about this total chaotic mess feels like a walk in the park. They make me stand still. Even if my feet are twisted between their leashes. They make me stop and feel the cool October air. Even if I am hissing under my breath for them to catch up, stop it, keep moving, come here, don’t do that.

They make me slow down and take life one smell at a time.
And maybe that is their secret recipe for bliss?

More tomorrow.
{smell anything new?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 305 :: what have you gained?

1 Nov

It is officially November. Welcome. 
We started off the month with a sunny, 70-degree day.

As I sat in my office I couldn’t wait to go outside. My body was screaming at me to move. To do something. Anything.

You see, I have gained a lot over this year. For starters, a new address on the west coast, a new lease on life with my thyroid being surgically removed, and now, I have officially gained a few new pounds.

As my pants get tighter and tighter I am getting more and more motivated to MOVE THAT BUS!

I begged Justin to go for a walk with me. He refused. Countless times. Then he told me to make sure I walked for an hour. I rolled my eyes and took to the streets by myself.

Somehow underneath the bright, shining, November sunshine I finally found a walking path worth waiting for…

It winds all along the waterfront. And it is beautiful.

As I huffed and puffed my way over the river and through the woods, I realized that I haven’t really given this new town of ours a fighting chance. As I huddle in the comfort of my office I have missed out on a few gems…. and one is right down the street!

When I returned home in an exuberant daze from a mouthful of fresh air and a camera full of new photos I spotted Justin in the driveway.

With two new bikes!

“What are you doing” I asked him confused but now fully understanding why he required I leave the house ‘for an hour’….


We officially have new bikes. And it immediately took me back to where this whole Bike Saga began.

It seems I have now gained a new, pink bike with a basket (and coffee cup holder!).

The good news…. this bike is perfect for me. The seat is comfy. The color is perfect. The basket is convenient. The cup holder is lovely!

My other bike (the one we left smashed on the highway in our cross-country drive) was a mountain bike. Sure, it was a great bike by all specs and standards.

But this one is even better because it’s perfect for me. It suits my personality. It fits. (Did I mention the seat is comfy??!!)

And it was a surprise.
As if someone was saying “welcome home.”

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{What have you gained?}
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