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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 147 :: keep calm

31 May

Day 147: We have a bleeder!

Apple core.
I sliced my finger tonight while slicing an apple. My own fault, I’m sure, but oh my, the bloooooooood.

As I packed my finger with paper towels and watching them soak with bright cherry red blood I panicked (I admit) on the inside.

What if I couldn’t stop the blood? And, oh, my God what if I had sliced my finger off? Then what?? I’m sure I’ve seen this in a movie before.

I quickly wrapped some duct tape around my paper-toweled finger and felt my heart beat at the end of my finger for a good twenty minutes before I dared to look at it again.


Just “keep calm” my bright blue band-aid now says back to me. And it’s a good message. I think there is another message here too …sweet body of mine.

While this cut is infinitely minimal, I mean let’s face it, a tiny cut. It still has me thinking about how important it is to take good care of my body.

And, it also has me thinking about the irony of it too.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away?

I’m going for a “yoga a day” plan here, which, happily doesn’t involve sharp objects or a full set of knives. Because it’s hard to do yoga with an injury. Although, it does make me appreciate what my body can do, and does for me, all day long without even thinking about it… until of course you’re bleeding out on the kitchen floor.

Keeping calm over here. Keeping calm.

More tomorrow.

{keeping calm}

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