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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 171 :: 90’s at night

25 Jun
Just reporting the facts tonight. It’s hot. I’m not complaining…. I’m just telling it like it is….90 degrees at 10PM. 

108 degrees tomorrow. Not complaining, that is. Just reporting the facts. I like to be warm. It brings me bliss… but this is more like blisters!

More tomorrow. 

  {hot or not?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 257 :: what team do you root for?

16 Sep

I am still learning where I am in this world. 
Namely, the west coast.

Here are a few new things I have learned since going back WESTWARD.

In two words:  Russell. Wilson.
After I learned more about this west coast household name I made the mistake of saying, “So he’s like the west coast version of Tom Brady?”

Note: It is not considered proper etiquette to compare east coast celebrity quarterbacks to west coast ones. You can thank me later.

The second thing I have learned: Football is like BRUNCH time over here. No 1AM overtime huddles on this side of the country. It starts EARLY… like before noon.

And finally, when it comes to the west coast, there are no New England Patriots games or Red Sox highlights. I did however find a hookup online at ESPN website last week.

We were able to catch the final moments of the real Tom Brady.
You know, the east coast version of Russell Wilson.

One thing is for sure, east or west, it’s football season across the country.

What team do you root for?

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{what team do you root for?}

GIFT DAY 022: a small gift

22 Jan

I admit it. 

I have been listening to country music today.

As I woke up to snow on the beach this morning I thought, “I am far from the ‘country’ where I grew up.”

snow, the promise 365, jamie eslinger

There is no ocean in my hometown.

There is snow. Lots of it. But the snow covers rocky mountains, dessert brush, and wide open lava rock plains.

As the country music streamed through my “Sugarland” Pandora channel today, I couldn’t help but think of that little Idaho girl inside of me.

It was as if she was yelling “Hey Ya’ll!”

(Actually, we never said the word “Y’all” where I grew up. We said things like “darn it” and “dang” — and by the way — nobody says “dang” out here on the east coast.)

Coming “Out East” for college was a big eye opening moment for that little Idaho girl.

I quickly learned:

  • A “Pop” is not a soda
  • A “Show” is not a movie
  • A “Bubbler” has nothing to do with bubbles

And, most important, over my last twenty-year adventure across the east coast I have realized people are really the same wherever you go. Despite the different words, accents, clothing, jobs, education and lifestyles…

  • We all care about love and family and dreams. 
  • We all want our children to enjoy boundless opportunities. 
  • We all want access to good, healthy, yummy food.

Deep down inside we’re all the same no matter what coast, mountain or plain it snows — or doesn’t.

So my gift today is just this: a simple, small, tiny but important reminder (a prayer if you will) that we all want pretty much the same things.

And doesn’t that sound like a good, old fashioned country song?

More tomorrow.

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