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BLOG – GIFT DAY 319 :: a month of inspiration :: a boy’s wish #sfbatkid

15 Nov

Today, in my month-long nod to inspiration, I share a child’s dream. 
Can it get any better than this?

An entire city rallies around a young boy’s wish — Miles, a 5-year old boy fighting cancer. Not only did he fight cancer today, he won over the entire internet as it lit up  with stories and photos and tears.

‘Batkid’ fighting cancer captures hearts, saves San Francisco

I think this was my favorite photo of the day on Twitter:

Everything digital was alive with passion for this little guy today, including this from Perez Hilton.

My heart just burst! #SFBatKid

Even the President joined in with a little video message:  President Obama Has A Message For #SFBatKid

I love that the wish of a strong little boy brought so many people together. It rallied our hearts and in a way reminded our minds that dreams can come to life.

I am inspired to say the least. And a little teary-eyed too.
Aren’t you?

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless!}

{what’s your wish?}

Day 254: may all your wishes come true

11 Sep

It’s been an emotional weekend for many.
There have been memories and memorials.  There have been sentiments posted everywhere from Facebook to Main Street to the footprint of the Twin Towers.

There has been prayer, meditation and reflection.
We all continue to hold on, heal, and move on.

Which may be the real deep work of the soul.

Today, I participated in the Chopra Center 9/11 meditation. It was a meditation that enlightened and inspired wishes:

“As we take time this weekend to consider what 9/11 has meant to us both individually and collectively, we invite you to also consider what you wish to see unfold in the next ten years.”

What do you wish to unfold?

As you know, I believe we can do anything.
May all your wishes come true.


Day 195: make a wish!

14 Jul

I am a little obsessed with “three” this week, as in doing 3 things each day that are joyful.  (Yesterday it was a morning bath, organic cocao powder in my coffee, and finding joy in an ordinary miracle at 4:30 am.)

Makes me wonder:
How many good things do I do each day for myself?
What about you?

I’m talking about pure joy, relaxation, rejuvenation, recharge, reboot…

Here’s my personal trifecta from today:

1) A new smoothie. 
This one is called Green and Good from Morning Glory Farm.  Okay, so maybe it flies in the face of all good health advice not to eat my lunch in the car while driving, but I was sucking it up through a straw and it was full of KALE and CUCUMBERS and STRAWBERRIES.  Plus, it was my first green smoothie with more veggies than fruit.  #progress.

2) Watching the ferry board.
I usually watch the ferry in an act of sweating and rushing to make the boat in order to leave the island.  Today it was rather peaceful to sit and observe the boat unloading and filling up again, much like the water it floats on with an ebb and flow of cars and people passing through it.

3) Hot Yoga.
There’s something new on the Vineyard this year and I am so excited about it.  Tapas Hot Yoga in Vineyard Haven!!!  And... it is the brainchild of my yoga insructor from last summer, Claire Parkhurst, who is an amazing teacher.   I mean that sincerely.  Case in point: tonight I was all over Child’s Pose.  Oh, yes, I owned it.   Clearly, it’s been a while … like months … and my body forgot what to do, where to hold, how not to fall, get dizzy, you name it.  But Claire was right there with me, walking me through each and every move.  Here’s the joyful part: now, I feel fabulous.  I also know I will sleep like a little bambina tonight.

Then, there’s this:
On my way walking to yoga I stumbled across this stick:

It reminds me of the wishbone my sister and I used to fight over after Thanksgiving dinner.  It’s not.  It just a y-shaped stick hanging out on a sidewalk.  But it somehow found me, while I was feeling pretty good for doing three little things.

And that made me think about wishes.

If I were going to make a “wishbone” wish it would be this:
That tomorrow you have three joyful moments  … just for you!
(And if not three, two.  And if not two, one.)

Whatever you can fit in, whatever you can do, here’s to you.

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