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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 84 :: kindness of words

28 Mar


Last week I lost my voice. And this week I have found words. As in Kindness. Kind words.

It has occurred to me that words are not just power. They are powerful. Healing. Helping. Hoping sorts of power. A kind power.

Kind words live longer.

More tomorrow….

{kind words}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 49 :: art lives on

18 Feb
I was nominated (thank you Julia McLemore) to be a part of the Art Challenge. I’m honestly still trying to figure out what the rules are and what that means. But it has me thinking about art.

I love art.

Always have, since I was tiny. I mean TINY. A little girl drawing dresses in pencil on the only piece of paper I could find when I was bored while all the all the adults watched TV.

Art moves me. In so many ways. Words do too. I consider words medicine. Words can heal or hurt. Words can float your heart or sink your soul. Words are very precious and powerful. In fact, some people should have to go to WORD SCHOOL just like I had to take a #%*&(%& DRIVING TEST.

I don’t mean Word School as in grammar school. I mean how-to-use-your-words-to-uplift-others school. I mean how-not-to-bully school. I mean how-to-soothe-with-words school.

My Mama Sling taught me to never say anything I didn’t mean – and never to say a mean word.  Or to take it back immediately if I did.

But that’s the problem with words — once they are out, they are OUT there for the universe, or email, or phone messages to hold. Which is why this little blog here (going on 5 freaking years) is so astounding hard and sometimes embarrassing for me to re-read.

When I read posts from five years it feels like reading my childhood diary. What was I thinking? Why did I write that? Why did I DO that?

So this is the point in this blog post where I get to the point. Sometimes art isn’t obvious. Sometimes art is beautiful and amazing or freaky and unforgettable. But it doesn’t matter. It’s always an act of self expression.

And, that, my dears, sometimes takes a bold-ass move. Not just to create self expression, but to share self expression with the world.

Even if it’s only through words.
So, Art Challenge, consider this my first submission. Or post if you will.
Art lives on.

More tomorrow.

  {what art do you create?}
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