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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 317 :: world kindness day

13 Nov
{how kind}

Ah, the red eye.

This morning, very early in the morning, I took a flight on United out of Seattle to Chicago. Just after the engines revved up and we gained speed the man across the aisle from me began to murmur and then wail.

I heard his wife say, “Stay with me, stay with me.” and then she looked directly at me and said in a panic, “I need help, call for help!”

I scrambled out my seat trying to find the call button in the dark. From there the chaos ensued. The stewards, a nurse and a doctor on board, both came to his side. A full backpack of medical supplies was laid out next to my seat. Medicine. Oxygen tank. Stethoscope.

The crew of doctor and nurse and flight attendants came to a quick conclusion – the plane was turned around and routed back to Seattle.

Just as we landed, the nurse who came to this man’s rescue, who now sat next to me holding an oxygen tank said, “We landed just in time.” Then she showed me the tank that was almost empty.

“You know, this is typical” she then smiled and winked as she looked at me, “It’s just like a doctor to leave the patient and go back to his seat. A nurse never leaves her patient.”

It was dark, early-morning, long before the sun peaks out of the clouds. The medics came onto the plane and helped this man off. The nurse followed. As I sat in the dark looking out my little plane window I was in awe of the helpers who helped in a moment of crisis on this plane. The stewards. The doctor. The nurse. And all the passengers who not once complained about the flight connections they were all going to miss. All strangers. But all so compassionate and calm.

How kind, really.

When I finally landed in Chicago later this morning, my phone turned on and blinked a reminder text message up at me.  It was a calendar alert letting me know today is “World Kindness Day.”

I think that couldn’t be more perfect …or perfectly timed.

More tomorrow…



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 310 :: a world of kindness

12 Nov

Day 309: now.

Here’s a random thought…..tomorrow is World Kindness Day. Seems appropriate on so many levels. Including the fact that tomorrow the Patriots play the Seahawks. We are all learning to be good sports about it in this part of the world, being the transplants that we are – and yet, staying loyal to the team we love. I think it’s a good lesson.

How can we be kinder? Nothing random about that.
Namaste, kindness. Namaste.

More tomorrow.


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