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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 353 :: christmas kindness

21 Dec
{wrap it up}

Today I continue the month of Christmas Kindness!

We wrapped Christmas gifts tonight. As I was folding and cutting and taping paper I was also showing off a bit. I am a bit of a paper wrapper snob.

It goes way back to my junior high days when my youth group would wrap Christmas gifts in the local mall as a fundraiser. We wrapped the presents so everyone could take home perfectly wrapped gifts. They paid us money – and it raised funds for our initiatives. Win. Win.

I learned all the tricks of the trade in that booth. How to size up paper to match a box. How to fix a box when you ran out of paper. How to crease the corners and tie a bow to add that extra pizzazz.

So tonight, while wrapping gifts for our loved ones, I realized how KIND it is to fold paper for someone else. Really, it’s just as beautiful to wrap something up in a surprise box with all the love and perfectly creased corners, as it is to open up a gift from someone else.

‘Tis the season!
May your season be wrapped in kindness too.

More tomorrow…



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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 349 :: merry blissmas

19 Dec

Today’s bliss…wrapping paper.

Tonight I wrapped. And wrapped. And wrapped. 

I love holiday wrapping paper. I love paper, period. But holiday paper, it makes me all giddy inside. Like a child. 

And with every folded corner and piece of tape, I swear I could see the hands of my mother. Mana Sling, showing me how to crease a corner and fold over an edge to make a package look finished and beautiful and ready for the tree.

And so it is with this year of Bliss. It will be wrapping up soon over these next few weeks. Christmas around the corner. New Year soon after. But the memories will always be wrapped up inside of me with a big, pretty bow. And that is pure bliss.

Merry Blissmas. 

More tomorrow.


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