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Day 344: so much can change in a year, so bring it on 2013!

11 Dec

Soooooo much can change in a year.

Take me for instance… today I ate a cookie!


A year ago I was wrestling with the sugar plum holidays trying to balance my no sugar ban.

But today I indulged in a cookie. A Red Velvet Crinkle Cookie from Panera.  (They remind me of the ones Mama Sling used to make.)

What a difference a year makes.

I am still focused on limiting my sugar. But I am now more loving and fearless in the ways I treat myself.

And, now I am getting ready for next year!

Which brings us to tonight.
I promised to share just exactly what I’m going to do in 2013.

But first.
Let’s review.

Year 1:  my promise was to take care of my head, heart, body and soul. 

If you were with me then, you watched me vow not to shop for clothes or shoes for one entire year and instead invest in my body and soul – and write about it every single day!

It was hard. And heartbreaking. And amazing!

I learned I was addicted to sugar and coffee and chocolate.
I found hope and help through clean food, cleanses, and Ayurvedic principles.
I learned to cook something that didn’t come out of a can.
I did yoga. A lot.
I went to the spa.
I tried a brazilian bikini wax — once. (OUCH!)

I didn’t buy any shoes or clothes (or underwear!)  for one entire year.

I found love.
Or love found me.

I learned that every ancient teaching and all new age thought are based on one simple concept.. LOVE.


Year 2:   my promise was to be LOVEMORE+FEARLESS.

If you were with me when the year started you know I am (was) terrified of spiders and water.

You watched me swim with sharks off the shores of the Bahamas. (I lived to blog about it!)

You were right with me as I rafted down the Grand Canyon — and slept next to snakes and scorpions, without a tent, only a blanket of stars above my head (insert FEARLESS here).

If you’ve been following along this far (God Bless You) you also know that I publicly admitted my fears (trying to get pregnant) and greatest sadness (missing my dear Mama Sling).

You also know that we moved to house on top of the ocean. Well, practically. The waves come up under the house. (Oh, fearless soul!)

I’ve learned so much about myself.

Most important — I’ve learned there’s something amazing that happens when you forget about being perfect and focus on facing your fears.

You find courage.
And strength.
You start listening to that little voice inside yourself, instead everyone else’s around you.

You start selling tee-shirts. (What? Yes, Lovemore+Fearless Tees.)

More than anything YOU (I mean “I” of course) start facing the fact that growing older and growing up and facing a few wrinkles in the mirror ain’t all that bad after all.

And that bring us to…..

Year 3:  I chose abundance! 

January 1st approaches.
Which means it is time to triple down. Year Three. All in.

Next year my promise is to explore abundance.

Which includes:

  • The power of giving
  • The power of miracles
  • The exchange of energy

What does that mean?

I, Jamie Eslinger, promise to:

Give something away each and every single day in 2013 and blog about it.
It can be material or emotional, but it has to be a gift.


I will delve into A Course In Miracles.

More on the inspiration behind those two tomorrow.

I hope you stick around to play with me some more and continue this journey.
I also hope you will join me, because….

I have something in store for you.
A very special GIFT that will be just for YOU, promise.

Which I will share…



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