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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 241 :: the last cruise

4 Sep

Day 241: Firsts and Lasts.

Doesn’t it always seem to go that the best weather happens on the last day of vacation? Why is that? Regardless, on the last day of Lake Powell we woke to a perfect morning.

Lake Powell Day 6:

The sunrise was masterfully orchestrated in delicate oranges and perfect pinks … and, of course, it came with a little swan to boot…

Those of us who didn’t wake up to the beauty and splendor of the sunrise, most certainly woke up to the music of the Rolling Stones blaring through the speakers across the houseboat…. Mike’s choice.

“If you start me up / If you start me up I’ll never stop / You can start me up / You can start me up I’ll never stop… ”

After untying the houseboat and navigating her way out of Wilson Creek Canyon (which, by the way, took almost 10 people to make happen!) we slowly glided down the canyon back the way we came through.

And the water was like glass. “Glass” was a new term for me to learn on this trip. It’s the utmost highest royalty of water. If water wanted to be king, it would be glass. If water wanted to be a goddess, it would be called the Glass Goddess. If water wanted to be…

Alright already, you get it, if you want to ski on water, you want your water to be glassy baby.

And on our last day of vacation,   it was perfect GLASS. So people skied their way out of the canyon.

And, isn’t it ironic, on the LAST day of vacation we had our FIRST day of incredibly hot sun, the kind of sun that makes you want to spend the entire day in the water?

Our final cruise culminated with a fly over by a large cargo plane. Right over the top of our heads. I thought for a second the plane might be aimed AT us… but then it veered up, up, up and away. Just a little showmanship over the canyons. Perfect for our final adieu.

Finally, we ended where it all began. At the poop station. And isn’t that when you know your vacation is really almost over?

Even still, Powell was a powerful trip full of many firsts. Many failed attempts. And some serious victory dances. Oh… and there will be more. The grand finale is tomorrow.

More tomorrow.


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